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I would like to take a moment to reflect on an unusual and remarkable year, on the back of what was a very difficult 2020.  When we first started to take notice of COVID-19 early in 2020, little did we know that almost 2-years later we would still be wearing masks and sanitising at every opportunity.  At CATCH we have continued to deliver our services throughout the pandemic and to date we have not relaxed our COVID protocols.  As I write this message it looks as if we were right to maintain our stance on COVID precautions as we are waiting to hear if yet another Christmas is to be curtailed with ‘Plan B’!

Despite the difficult times for everyone, I would like to focus on the huge number of positives for CATCH from the last year.  I hope you will forgive my indulgence as I know that many will have faced personal challenges, but I am so proud of what the CATCH team has delivered and  want to end the year on a positive note.

This year CATCH has supported the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan, the roadmap to net zero industrial emissions for the Humber region.  We have been working closely on the Plan with the Hull and East Yorkshire LEP and key industrial partners. Central to the Plan are 6 work packages that include a systems model of the region, technical studies, supply chain capability, skills and age profile audits, an understanding of the social dimension to decarbonisation, and finally pulling the Plan together into a cohesive strategy by March 2023.  You can sign up for cluster plan news and updates on the Humber Industrial Decarbonisation and Humber Hydrogen networks at (  As we move into our second year we are investigating what is needed as a legacy project to the Plan to support the region and industry through to 2040 and beyond.

At CATCH we are also on our own journey to net-zero and have signed the SME Climate Hub Pledge.  This has led to a commitment to reach net-zero as a business by 2040 and we are currently working on benchmarking our own emissions and developing our own roadmap through Visibility Carbon.

We have seen the completion of a project to deliver improvements to the site, including an exciting enhancement to the on-site process plant that makes CATCH unique.  This work has provided for increased capacity and capability including a state-of-the-art Honeywell control system and a new receipt/issue and storage capability.  The site improvement project was funded through a 3-way collaboration of the Humber LEP, CATCH and Reynolds Training Services, with Reynolds having the vision and providing the majority of the funding for the delivery of the plant expansion.  The partnership with Reynolds ( has led to the development of the National Centre for Process and Manufacturing concept ( based around the process plant.

Throughout the year CATCH has continued to deliver its traditional services with great success, including Membership events and networking, contractor competence audits (ConCom), office space, room hire and the campus of leading training providers on site.  Our own CATCH Skills capability has continued to go from strength to strength and has only been limited by the availability of facilities (the site is currently running at 91% utilisation), leading to developing thinking about a need for a new facility to provide additional capacity. Despite this, the team has delivered a high class training service with the constant challenge of COVID cancellations, postponements and social distancing measures – lots of new customers and projects make 2022 an exciting year ahead.

Finally, in July we were delighted to announce that CATCH was taking its greatest step forward since the site was opened in 2006 by becoming a registered apprentice provider in our own right.  This was a huge achievement by the team, and we currently have 19 apprentices on our books within various Science Manufacturing Technician (process operation) Standard pathways. Our vision is to expand the CATCH Apprenticeship provision so look out for more information as we look to establish ourselves in the region as a truly employer led apprenticeship provider.

We could not have achieved what we have this year without the support of our Member organisations, partners, and wider customer/stakeholder group.  We have an exciting vision at CATCH for our region, and with this incredible support we will be able to continue our exciting journey.

We have grown considerably as a team this year, both in terms of the size and capability. I have worked with some incredible people over the years, but I am continually amazed by the passion of the CATCH team for their work and their positive approach to the organisation.  I am genuinely humbled every day by our team and am proud of how they have adapted to every challenge.  The CATCH team has driven our business forward during an incredibly difficult time and I am so proud of what has been achieved together.

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and look forward to returning in the New Year to continue afresh on our journey.


Happy Christmas.




I am the Lead Process Trainer for CATCH Apprenticeships. My role is to provide the lead on teaching and learning for CATCH apprenticeships. I ensure we create a variety of innovative teaching resources to equip apprentices with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be successful in their job role.

Our delivery programme has been built by our employers, it is in every sense of the term – employer led. We have access to the Process Manufacturing Plant at West Yorkshire so we can safely train apprentices in a realistic working environment. We provide bespoke ‘added value’ training during our apprenticeship too. This is unique to CATCH. Employers choose training that matches their company needs for each apprentice. I enjoy being part of a journey. Seeing school and college leavers transform into responsible highly skilled technicians is the best feeling ever! As teaching is my passion, l love providing opportunities to share experiences and relating theorical knowledge in the classroom to a technical role in company.

We will keep listening and being responsive to employers and apprentices needs. We will build on our West Yorkshire school and college engagement programme thus creating a well prepped talent pool for employers to pick from. In 10 years I hope to be fulfilling our mission to make CATCH Apprenticeships Your route to success!


Come along to our open events to learn more about CATCH Apprenticeships, chat with our delivery team, and take a tour of our fantastic facilities!

Apprenticeships we are offering for a September 2024 start!

  • Process Operations (Science Manufacturing Technician)
  • Electrical & Instrumentation (Maintenance, Operations Engineering Technician)
  • Mechanical (Maintenance, Operations Engineering Technician)
  • Pipe Welder 
  • Plate Welder 
  • Fabrication

If you have any questions you can contact the apprenticeship team on 01469 552835.

Dates are –

15th November

7th December

23rd January

8th Feb

To register for an open evening – please email


CATCH Skills are the award-winning training arm of CATCH, which has grown since 1999 into an industry-led, membership community where people come together for support, training, and competency services over the last 20 years.   Working with our members, employers, and stakeholders, we have created 4 premium apprenticeships that are aligned to industry requirements.

We will be showcasing our full offering to Employers at our breakfast event on 11th March 2022, starting at 8:30am.  Employers can have a chat with our expert delivery team to find out how CATCH Apprenticeships can work for you and your business.

To come along please complete the form below to secure your place.  We look forward to seeing you!

Please note this event is employer only, focused at companies who already recruit, or are interested in recruiting apprentices and places will be limited accordingly.


    Legislation that will protect and enhance our environment for future generations has now passed into UK law.

    Through the Act, we will clean up the country’s air, restore natural habitats, increase biodiversity, reduce waste and make better use of our resources.

    It will halt the decline in species by 2030, require new developments to improve or create habitats for nature, and tackle deforestation overseas.

    It will help us transition to a more circular economy, incentivising people to recycle more, encouraging businesses to create sustainable packaging, making household recycling easier and stopping the export of polluting plastic waste to developing countries.

    These changes will be driven by new legally binding environmental targets, and enforced by a new, independent Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) which will hold government and public bodies to account on their environmental obligations.

    Environment Secretary George Eustice said:

    The Environment Act will deliver the most ambitious environmental programme of any country on earth.

    It will halt the decline of species by 2030, clean up our air and protect the health of our rivers, reform the way in which we deal with waste and tackle deforestation overseas.

    We are setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.

    The Environment Act includes a new legally binding target on species abundance for 2030, which will help to reverse declines of iconic British species like the hedgehog, red squirrel and water vole.

    The UK will now be able to go further than ever before to clamp down on illegal deforestation and protect rainforests, through a package of measures will ensure that greater resilience, traceability and sustainability are built into the UK’s supply chains.

    The Act will crack down on water companies that discharge sewage into rivers, waterways and coastlines. It will see a duty enshrined in law to ensure water companies secure a progressive reduction in the adverse impacts of discharges from storm overflows. New duties will also require the government to publish a plan to reduce sewage discharges from storm overflows by September 2022 and report to Parliament on the progress towards implementing the plan.

    Natural England Chair Tony Juniper said:

    It is imperative that we step up action to boost nature recovery if we are to tackle the twin challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change.

    This landmark Act will give us more of the tools and the momentum we need to really put nature on the road to recovery during this decade, enabling us to have more, better, bigger and connected areas of natural habitats, bringing a range of practical benefits and permitting more people to enjoy the wonders of the natural world, while improving wider environmental quality at the same time.

    We will work across Government, industry and society to help make it happen. The creation of Local Nature Recovery Strategies will be key in helping us to build a Nature Recovery Network across the country, backed by other measures in the new Act, including mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain for built development and a healthier freshwater environment.

    Emma Howard Boyd CBE, Chair of the Environment Agency, said:

    We need strong laws, investment by the private sector and clear, well-funded regulation to protect the environment. Without this, we will not see the progress we all want.

    The new legal targets for water in the Environment Act today will help wider efforts to tackle pollution, reduce demand for water and secure clean and plentiful water for all.

    It is good to see these laws pass as we work to protect the natural world, help people to stay safe from flooding and support communities, businesses and government to make the country more resilient to climate shocks.

    Forestry Commission Chair Sir William Worsley said:

    As the government’s leading forestry experts, the Forestry Commission supports the new measures included in the Environment Act which gives our woodlands much needed protection, so we can ensure they live on and continue to bring benefits to people, nature and climate.

    We are excited about new measures that will improve Forestry Commission’s enforcement powers to help us further protect England’s woodlands from illegal felling, including our most precious ancient woodlands.

    Increasing tree planting now is an important step towards creating a more wooded country, and we look forward to working closely with the government as they consider a long-term tree target, which could be introduced through the new powers in the Environment Act.

    Work on implementing Environment Act policies is well underway. We have started work on developing legally binding environmental targets, and launched consultations on the deposit return schemes for drinks containersextended producer responsibility for packaging and consistent recycling collections which will transform the way we deal with our rubbish.

    We have also published a draft Principles Policy Statement which will put protecting the environment at the heart of future policy.

    The Office for Environmental Protection was set up in an interim, non-statutory form in July, providing independent oversight of the Government’s environmental progress and accelerating the foundation of the full body. The OEP will formally commence its statutory functions shortly.

    Dame Glenys Stacey, Chair of the OEP said:

    The Environment Act is a cornerstone of the government’s ambitions to tackle ever more pressing environmental issues.

    I am delighted that the Act creates the independent Office for Environmental Protection, and gives us the tools for our job – to protect and improve the environment by holding government and public authorities to account. We are well underway with establishing a functionally independent, fully operational OEP from early in the new year.

    There has never been a more crucial time for us all to work to protect and improve our environment. The OEP will play its full part.

    The Environment Act has become law during the UK’s hosting of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, during which the UK has brought the world together to secure ambitious commitments to tackle climate change.

    Nick Molho, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, said:

    The passage of the Environment Act into law marks a major milestone for the UK, particularly as it hosts the important COP26 climate summit. Having a framework which supports nature restoration and looks at the whole of the environment – including land as well as sea – is a key step forward in efforts to reverse the decline of nature.

    Businesses have long supported an ambitious and robust Environment Act, and having legally binding long-term targets will play a significant role in making continuous improvements to the natural environment.

    Dr Richard Benwell, CEO of Wildlife and Countryside Link, said:

    Becoming the first country with a legal target to halt wildlife decline by 2030 is a world-leading innovation and testament to the huge public and parliamentary demand to improve our state of nature.

    Now there’s no time to lose for action. 2030 is an ecological heartbeat away, so the whole of Whitehall must work together on a scientifically sound plan to meet this “net zero for nature”, so that England can lead the way ahead of next year’s global nature negotiations.

    Further information

    The Environment Act will deliver:

    • Long-term targets to improve air quality, biodiversity, water, and waste reduction and resource efficiency
    • A target on ambient PM2.5 concentrations, the most harmful pollutant to human health
    • A target to halt the decline of nature by 2030
    • Environmental Improvement Plans, including interim targets
    • A cycle of environmental monitoring and reporting
    • Environmental Principles embedded in domestic policy making
    • Office for Environmental Protection to uphold environmental law


    • Extend producer responsibility to make producers pay for 100% of cost of disposal of products, starting with plastic packaging
    • A deposit Return Scheme for single use drinks containers
    • Charges for single use plastics
    • Greater consistency in recycling collections in England
    • Electronic waste tracking to monitor waste movements and tackle fly-tipping
    • Tackle waste crime
    • Power to introduce new resource efficiency information (labelling on the recyclability and durability of products)
    • Regulate shipment of hazardous waste
    • Ban or restrict export of waste to non-OECD countries


    • Require Local Authorities to tackle air quality
    • Simplify enforcement within smoke control areas


    • Strengthened biodiversity duty
    • Biodiversity net gain to ensure developments deliver at least 10% increase in biodiversity
    • Local Nature Recovery Strategies to support a Nature Recovery Network
    • Duty upon Local Authorities to consult on street tree felling
    • Strengthen woodland protection enforcement measures
    • Conservation Covenants
    • Protected Site Strategies and Species Conservation Strategies to support the design and delivery of strategic approaches to deliver better outcomes for nature
    • Prohibit larger UK businesses from using commodities associated with wide-scale deforestation
    • Requires regulated businesses to establish a system of due diligence for each regulated commodity used in their supply chain, requires regulated businesses to report on their due diligence, introduces a due diligence enforcement system


    • Effective collaboration between water companies through statutory water management plans
    • Drainage and sewerage management planning a statutory duty
    • Minimise damage water abstraction may cause on environment
    • Modernise the process for modifying water and sewerage company licence conditions


    On 4th of November CATCH hosted the popular Membership Network –  Major Hazards. Network Chair David Hughes welcomed 24 members both In person and online.

    Carol Pickard, PRAX LOR, presented LOR’s new COMAH safety report format. Carol discussed the project background and the need for a revamp. She briefly touched on the positives and negatives of the new format, and then showed the group a brief snippet of the document.   Carol then went on to mention all the positive feedback they had received about their new format from staff and auditors. The industry working groups had all previously said how they need to improve the consistency in COMAH and they all hope this is a move in the right direction.

    David Hughes followed with a short presentation about emergency preparedness including the offer of a free fire protection audit for sites and how some regions have streamlined 999 calls for COMAH sites with the ‘METHANE’ message for on-site emergencies. The ‘M E T H A N E’ checklist is intended to provide as much information as possible to the emergency services, whilst also saving time as the fire service will ring any other emergency services required.



    By Paul Snowen, Head of operations

    COP26 is the 2021 United Nations climate change conference.

    For nearly three decades the UN has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits – called COPs – which stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’. In that time climate change has gone from being a fringe issue to a global priority.

    This year will be the 26th annual summit – giving it the name COP26. With the UK as President, COP26 takes place in Glasgow.

    CATCH signed up to the SME Climate Change Commitment through the UK Business Climate Hub in March this year and are making considerable steps to achieving our commitment – to half our greenhouse gas emission by 2030 and to achieve NetZero  by 2050.   We have committed to working with a technology company who will be assisting with a benchmarking exercise and pulling together a step by step plan to achieve our goals and those of our contractor members.

    Our next steps:

    – To measure and estimate our current greenhouse gas emissions.

    – To set short and medium term targets for our emission reductions in line with our commitment

    – To develop a plan to achieve our emission reduction targets

    – To start to take concrete action to reduce our key emission sources and move toward the net zero target date.

    – Encourage other SMEs to do the same!

    Our Energy:

    We are reviewing our utilities across the site – capturing data from our Electricity, Gas and water usage –  all of which contributes to our carbon footprint.

    We will be benchmarking this for the whole site and then setting a plan to reduce this overtime.


    In addition to this, we are working with a local provider to develop a proposal for installing solar power on our roof space.

    Plus we this year we have committed to the installation of Electric Vehicle charging points.


    We have started to record the waste we send to landfill and recycle centres. And have negotiated a new contract with our waste carrier starting this year to help us to be able to achieve a reduction in the amount we send to landfill.

    We have also purchased recycling bins which we have been distributed in the offices For General waste( grey bin) Paper waste (blue bin) and mixed recycling (Green Bin).    

    Our people

    A new way of workings – post pandemic, our staff members, on a rota basis are able to work from home reducing our transport emissions. Plus our staff members have adapted and increased the use of MS teams, from hybrid network events to meetings to our Concom Auditors offering greater flexibility by conducting Audits remotely without the need to go onto our clients site.

    We ae also looking at future initiatives such as a Green electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme and a CATCH volunteers to develop nature and environmental projects and activities to offset carbon.

    For further information on our plans you can contact Paul on



    CATCH is an ever expanding, people centric business, and we are looking for a positive, driven person to join our team as a Concom Auditor.

    The Concom Scheme is directed by the Client-led Steering Committee comprising of 20+ Chemical, Process and Energy company clients located in the Yorkshire and Humber regions to assess the capability, competence and suitability of contractors who undertake work on their sites.

    You would be joining an established Concom Team which presently comprises of another auditor and a coordinator, and work with us to achieve our goals.

    Key Role Responsibilities 

    • Lead and undertake audits on our client-nominated Concom Contractor Members largely based in the Yorkshire & Humber regions
    • Produce and communicate the completed audit report and supporting documentation to both contractor and clients
    • Give guidance & provide support to contractors regarding any potential improvements
    • Feedback audit findings at the monthly Concom Client Forum

    The successful applicant will possess excellent communication and organisational skills together with a good understanding of IT systems.  Because of the nature of the audit scheme, it will likely be that you have a proven background and experience in a heavy-industry environment (possibly top-tier COMAH) and auditing.  You will be self-motivated, able to work independently and enjoy working in a team to produce high quality results.  The position will include travel to contractor’s sites and may include long distances and overnight stays, so a full clean driving license is a requisite. Online and remote audits are possible.

    The job is a Part Time position, 3-days per week (not including weekends), 08:00 – 16:00.  A competitive salary will be offered, and additional benefits will be included, following the successful completion of a probationary period.

    Please see below for more information or for an informal discussion please contact or 01469 552825

    Closing date – 17th November 21

    Interview date – 23rd November 21

    For a company application form please contact:        


    Concom is a project within HCF CATCH Limited                           


    CATCH is an ever expanding, people centric business, and we are looking for a positive, driven person to join our team as a Facilities Team Leader.

    Reporting to the Head of Operations.

    Key responsibilities: –

    • Supervise the cleaning supervisor and Caretaker
    • Maintain, monitor and continually improve HSE performance of the CATCH site
    • Maintain safe systems of work in the operational areas
    • Carry out site inductions
    • Carry out safety inspections and safety audits – deliver toolbox talks as and when required
    • Manage contractors on site and monitor quality of work
    • Maintain facility, plant and Catch equipment in working order, to meet the client’s needs
    • Ensure regulatory compliance is maintained for all necessary equipment
    • Support, mentor and supervise all apprentices and clients whilst on site.
    • Control access to process plant and site via issuing work permits/signing in process
    • Liaise with external bodies when required
    • Provide First Aid and emergency cover for the site
    • Assist other Catch personnel with their duties as required, to ensure customer relations
    • Key holder and out of hours contact
    • Be flexible in their hours to for holiday cover and sickness

    The role is based at the CATCH Head Office in Stallingborough. The role is full time working Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:30 and the salary will be dependent upon qualifications and experience.

    Closing date for applications: 17th November 21

    Interviews will be carried out on: 25th November 21

    For more information or an informal discussion please contact or on 01469 552825

    For a company application form please contact:


    I work with the CATCH Skills team to coordinate training courses and assign the relevant trainers to the courses. I work closely with the commercial team to ensure we are meeting the demand of training. Customer service is priority in my role, looking after customers on the phone and assisting delegates on site. Big part of my role is to lead on the CATCH Skills marketing, coordinating the activity on site.

    I always learn something new which makes coming into work enjoyable every day. My favourite part of my job is the variety, each day can bring me very different tasks. To develop I hope to improve on my leadership skills so I can progress even further in my career.

    In 10 years time I hope to of progressed into a supervisory role within CATCH. If I could give my 13 year old self some advice it would be to go with the flow as everything works out how it should in the end!


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