At CATCH, the safety and well-being of all individuals is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is safe, secure, and free from any form of harm or abuse.
We recognise that safeguarding is a collective responsibility, and we are dedicated to ensuring the protection of children, young people, vulnerable adults, employees, volunteers, and any other individuals connected to our organisation. We strive to promote an atmosphere that fosters trust, respect, and dignity for everyone involved.

Katy Sidell, learning and safeguarding lead

Katy Sidell
Safeguarding and Wellbeing Lead


M: 07399296151

2023 catch cohort apprentices

Our safeguarding measures encompass the following key principles:

Prevention: We implement robust policies, procedures, and guidelines to minimise the risk of harm or abuse. This includes thorough recruitment processes, staff and volunteer training, and ongoing monitoring and supervision.

Vigilance: We maintain a constant state of awareness and remain attentive to any signs or indicators of potential harm or abuse. We encourage open communication and provide channels for reporting concerns, ensuring that all reports are taken seriously and responded to promptly.

Collaboration: We work in partnership with relevant agencies, authorities, and stakeholders to share information, knowledge, and expertise. By collaborating closely, we aim to enhance our safeguarding practices, promote best practices, and continuously improve our procedures.

Confidentiality: We respect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals who raise concerns or are involved in safeguarding matters. We handle all information sensitively and securely, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.

Support and Action: We are committed to offering support, guidance, and appropriate action to those affected by harm or abuse. We have designated safeguarding leads and trained staff members who are available to provide assistance, advice, and referrals to relevant support services.

Learning and Development: We regularly review and update our safeguarding policies and procedures, ensuring they reflect current legislation, research, and best practice. We provide ongoing training and development opportunities to our staff, volunteers, and stakeholders to enhance their knowledge and understanding of safeguarding issues.

We encourage all members of our organisation and wider community to familiarise themselves with our safeguarding statement and actively contribute to maintaining a safe and secure environment. By working together, we can ensure the protection and well-being of all individuals under our care.

Learner reps/forums 

At CATCH, each cohort has an appointed learner rep and we hold learner forums  with the reps on a monthly basis. They are important because they foster collaborative learning, offer diverse perspectives, and promote active engagement from our apprentices. They provide continuous access to discussions, extend learning opportunities, and facilitate peer support. Participation in forums enhances communication skills and problem-solving abilities.


Safeguarding feedback received from the 2022-2023 apprentices:

“I was given information and contact information on our lanyards for safeguarding”

“We have been informed about safeguarding and all know who the designated safeguard lead is”

“Safeguarding was carried out to an outstanding standard”

“There’s lots of safeguarding and people to speak to if needed”

“There’s a good safeguarding policy and health and safety rules”

“Good safeguarding and issues quickly dealt with”


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