School Engagement

Empowering the future workforce

Our School’s engagement team provides the latest information, insights, guidance, and support to connect students with opportunities at CATCH and leading employers: Broadening Horizons in Engineering Careers.

We offer FREE delivery on activities and projects such as:

  • Assemblies
  • Aspirational talks
  • Employability sessions including mock interviews and techniques and application support.
  • Career Exhibitions
  • Introduction to industry courses on-site at CATCH
  • Site tours around the National Centre for Process and Manufacturing.
  • STEM based activities and projects.

Caitlin Brewitt
Schools Engagement Coordinator


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Bespoke Career Plans

Our delivery and booking system is flexible to fit your school or college needs.

Our team will work with your staff to create a bespoke plan that will enhance your existing career provision, plug any gaps or help to meet and exceed your careers-based targets.

All of our activities and projects align with the Careers Strategy and have been created to align directly with the Gatsby Benchmarks supporting good careers delivery and ensuring our offer is supporting not only the student’s future but the school’s careers guidance too.

We specialise in working with students in years 9-11 and post-16 in Hull, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, and its surrounding areas.

Partner Schools

Due to the development of our school engagement initiative, partner schools have been formed with CATCH Apprenticeship to enable detailed, interactive and industry-led programmes for all of their students from years 7 to 11.

Partner schools work with us to develop a focused interaction alongside our active employers.  Legislative requirements for schools’ careers will be linked with the partnership delivery.  Ensuring that all school’s careers guidance and standards set by governing bodies are met within the partnership – i.e. Gatsby Benchmarks.

Building consistent relationships with the students from KS3 ,this will, in turn, encourage students to consider industry careers and to apply for a CATCH Apprenticeship.

CATCH Apprenticeships

Successfully launching CATCH Apprenticeship in 2021 with our tailored, specialist, and technical employer-focused programmes, not only cemented our position as the leading training provider for the process industries but also the fastest growing.  By utilising our industry knowledge, networks and connections and by working closely with employers, we have developed several premium apprenticeship programmes, encompassing Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Process Operations, Welding, plating and Pipefitting specialisms.

We are investing in the workforce of tomorrow, through our vision for a National Net Zero Training Centre. Situated on land just next door to CATCH, we are working with industry investors to secure the sectors future by training 1000 new entrants to the industry per year by 2029. Read more about these plans here.


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