National Net Zero Training Centre

Welcome to CATCH’s Vision for a New £60M National Net Zero Training Centre Expansion

This initiative is aimed at addressing the impending engineering construction skill shortages expected not only in the Humber cluster but across the entire UK


Ambitious plans for the development of a new £60 million National Net Zero Training Centre.

New Entrants

Our phased strategy guarantees the sustainable expansion of new learners, with the aim of training 1000 new entrants to industry annually by 2029


A collective effort from our region to tackle one of the most significant challenges in deploying net zero infrastructure

Investing in the workforce of tomorrow

We are thrilled to acknowledge the initial funding support received from key industrial sponsors and CATCH members, including Phillips 66 Limited, Harbour Energy, and VPI Power. With their backing, CATCH has meticulously crafted plans for the expansion of our existing training center, which is essential to deliver 1000 new learners per year by 2029. As we work towards securing the necessary funding, we aim to garner widespread support from both industry and government for this pioneering National Net Zero Training Center.

Pending partner engagement and the acquisition of planning permission, our visionary National Net Zero Training Centre will feature a national net zero conference and learning center, tailored classrooms and workshops for electrical, instrumentation, and mechanical technical skills. Additionally, a state-of-the-art welding and fabrication hub boasting 160 welding bays will be included, along with a groundbreaking outdoor Process Unit Training Module, offering a realistic process site experience within a safe environment for all trade skills. Furthermore, we have planned for enhanced car parking facilities and a dedicated regional bus infrastructure to ensure talented apprentices can easily access the site from Lincolnshire and Yorkshire regions.


Collective effort is the backbone of our success. Collaboration across all industry sectors is essential to unlocking the full potential of our region. We call upon schools, academic institutions, the supply chain, and both private and public sector organisations to unite in pursuit of our shared aspirations. Our journey has evolved alongside industry developments over the years, and we are fully prepared to further strengthen the industrial community for the future.

Skilled Workers

The National Net Zero Training Centre will play a vital role in developing the thousands of skilled workers to deliver the UK’s net zero infrastructure.

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James McIntosh
Chief Commercial Officer


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