Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Members

CATCH membership is an annual company subscription, providing members with multiple platforms to connect with other professionals, businesses, and stakeholders within industry and their supply chain.  Actively participating in CATCH network groups can lead to potential partnerships, collaborations, and provide valuable insights into specific industrial topics related to a range of professional disciplines.

The purpose of this Code is to encourage the ethical conduct of all members.  The principles outlined in this Code are crafted as rules of engagement and are underpinned by the core belief that the well-being, achievements, and contentment of members are the forefront of all services provided by CATCH.  Finally, it establishes the framework for addressing any breaches of the Code.

Rules of engagement for CATCH network members:

General Rules

  • Members must act ethically and use their experience and connections for the benefit of all members.
  • Members must promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all members.
  • Members should act fairly and not discriminate.  Embrace diversity and inclusion, treating all individuals fairly and without prejudice.
  • Members should avoid causing harm, including physical or mental injury, information disclosure, or damage to reputation and the environment.
  • Members should be honest, trustworthy, and transparent about their offerings and consider any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Members should ensure that any agreed commitments, whether verbal or written, are honoured or adjusted to fellow members satisfaction.
  • Members should respect the work and ideas of others, giving proper credit and not claiming ownership of shared resources.
  • Members should respect privacy, use personal information responsibly, and comply with data protection policies. Safeguard and protect confidential information and data belonging to the organisation and its members.
  • Members should honor confidentiality, except in cases where disclosure is necessary due to law or Code violations.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Members should maintain high standards of professional competence and ethical practice.
  • Members should enhance the quality of working life for their peers and consider personal and professional well-being.
  • Members should create opportunities for all members of the network group and strive for positive business experiences.
  • Maintain open and constructive communication with fellow members, employees, and stakeholders.
  • Foster a collaborative and supportive environment that encourages idea-sharing and teamwork.
  • Continuously improve professional skills and knowledge relevant to the network aim and encourage and support the growth of fellow members.
  • Support sustainability initiatives and responsible environmental business practices.
  • All members are required to promote the vision and values of CATCH and uphold the CATCH Member code of conduct, brand and good standing and refrain from any conduct which may impinge on its reputation.
  • Network meetings are not to be directly used as a business development tool.

Consequences for Breach of Code:

Any breach of this Code of Conduct brought to our attention would be treated as a complaint and may result in investigations taking place by a CATCH manager.  On completion of the investigation, the results could include issuing warnings, temporary suspension of attendance, removal from the network group or even termination of company membership.


Each network group is led by an industry chair.  This chairperson may provide further guidance such as a network charter or aims and objectives for the group.


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