Humber 2100+ Strategy
The current flood risk management strategy, ‘Planning for the Rising Tides’ was put in place in 2008 and took a strategic approach to managing flood risk on the Humber. Over £150m has been invested in flood defence improvements in recent years as a result of the current Strategy, improving the standard of protection to 70,000 properties.

When the original Humber Strategy was developed, we agreed to subject it to regular review to ensure that it still meets the future needs of the people, property and the environment around the Humber Estuary. The 2013 tidal surge gave us better evidence for how flood water will behave, and that has made the case for a new Strategy.

Humber 2100+ strategy is a partnership consisting of 12 local authorities from around the Humber and the Environment Agency. We are working together, in association with Local Enterprise Partnerships, Natural England and Internal Drainage Boards, to develop a strategy that will reinforce our long term ambition for a prosperous Humber with a world class economy and a world class environment, which is a safe and sustainable place to live, work and visit.

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CATCH hosted the Major Hazards Group on Thursday 3 November.  The group was attended by over 30 in person and online delegates and is an integral part of the core networks delivered for CATCH membership services.

David Hughes welcomed delegates to the meeting and introduced the first guest speaker James Jenkins, Region Segment Manager – Onshore Oil & Gas & Energy Systems at DNV Services UK.  James gave a presentation about General Hydrogen Safety Awareness including Hydrogen Hazards.  James compared the properties of hydrogen in comparison with methane and other similar gases.  A number of videos demonstrated the effect on outflow, fire and explosion hazards of hydrogen showing tests at specialist facilities.  James spoke about the importance of safer design and hazard management when dealing with hydrogen, recognising that at low concentrations (below 15%) hydrogen behaves in a similar way to other hydrocarbons.

The next presentation topic was from IChemE Project: Lessons Learned Working Group given by Tony Tate, Process Safety Advisor with bp.  Tony detailed the IChemE approach to major hazards management which is a priority topic. A working group has set up a project with the aim to enhance the impact of IChemE lessons learned resources, turning good practice into common practice.  Tony is keen to hear feedback about the resources available and how the group access and use this information.

After a break, Lyn Dario, Partner, Environmental & Regulatory at Tyr provided a Health, Safety and Environmental legislation and regulatory update.  Lyn provided valuable expert insights on recent environmental and HSE cases and enforcement trends.  The group discussed some of the challenges faced by the competent authority in recruiting and retaining resources.  For more information and support please contact

The next Major Hazards Group will be held on 16 March 2023 at CATCH.

CATCH core network groups are for members companies, for more information please contact


CATCH Skills have recently delivered a bespoke Confined Space Emergency Response course for Prax!

The main focus was to create real life scenarios of a rescue using a live casualty. This was to practise initiating a rescue, the responsibilities of a team leader/ member and ensuring clear communication.

We included additional elements of first aid including, emergency resuscitation, casualty handling and oxygen administration.

Lee Christie, Refinery Fire and Safety Leader said “The Confined Space Emergency Rescue Training was really good, the scenarios were realistic and it was really beneficial have live casualty rescues, the facility provided us with the challenges we needed to test our skills and experience.”

Holly Goodwin, CATCH Skills Account Manager added “It has been great supporting Prax with their Confined Space Emergency Rescue Training package. Tailoring the course to meet their site requirements ensures the delegates have a greater understanding and relatable experience within the scenarios. Utilising our purpose built Confined Space Rig for training means we can create real life scenarios, without the real industry risks. This provides individuals with the opportunity to practice and build confidence within a contained environment, should they ever need to perform these for real. In addition to the practical elements, we implemented exactly the same procedures they would follow at their site, ensuring our trainers can support the individuals every step of the way.”

For more information on the bespoke courses CATCH Skills can offer, please contact the team on 01469 552852 or email

Prax Confined Space Emergency Response


CATCH Skills are ECITB accredited to deliver MJI10, MJI18 and MJI19.

The courses can be taught individually or as a full package here at CATCH or on your site.

Delegates will gain the skills required to dismantle, inspect, prepare, assemble and tighten flanged and clamp connector pipe joints and bolted connections using:

  • Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques (MJI10)
  • Hydraulic Torque Bolted Connection Equipment and
    Techniques (MJI19)
  • Hydraulic Tensioning Connection and Equipment Techniques

For course dates and costs please contact the team on 01469 552852 or email


mechanical joint integrity


We are pleased to announce that Mark Sacker, Tricoya, Rob Tuplin, Woods at Lindsey Oil Refinery, Dafydd Williams ABP, Simon Rafferty, EFAB and Nick Booth Uniper have been appointed to the CATCH Board of Directors.

Mark Sacker commented-

I have spent most of my working career with Singleton Birch Group, starting in 1998.  I have observed CATCH develop over a quarter of a century from a chemical focused training organisation into a more diverse organisation with wider scope spanning process and energy industries.  I have been involved with chemical, process, and energy businesses during my career.

CATCH is a networking hub for the most advanced industrial organisations in the UK.  It is an enabler of collaboration to bring together the common agenda for sustainable business in the Humber Region, exemplified by the Humber Cluster Plan.  It is also a focus on turning the tide on the engineering and process skills gap.  My teenage son recently attended the introduction to industry training at CATCH, which he was thrilled with.

I have recently moved to be Managing Director of the World’s first acetylated wood chip operations at Saltend Chemical’s Park in Hull, Tricoya, co-located with similar cutting edge industrial businesses driving the sustainability agenda.  It is my pleasure to bring my extensive industrial experience from both the South and North Banks of the Humber to contribute to the great work of the CATCH board.  I hope to make a difference in driving this great organisation forward to even greater things!


Register your Interest in a CATCH Apprenticeship for 2023!

You can now register your interest to start the application process for our September 2023 cohort.

You can express your interest in the disciplines below:

  • Process Operations
  • Electrical Technician (including Instrumentation)
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Welding (Pipe Welder, Plate Welder and Pipe Fitter) – New for 2023!

We are also offering the Process Operations apprenticeship in Leeds at Appris, BD4 8AT.

Please click the link below and complete the form to become a part of the process:




The Annual ConCom Apprentice of the Year Awards were presented yesterday afternoon at CATCH!!

Our three worthy winners were congratulated and presented with their trophies by Ian Laverick, Novartis, ConCom Committee Chair. After, Paul Bevan, EP SHB, ConCom Vice Chair presented them with their prize money.

3rd place and with a cheque for £200, Charlie Flemming of EP SHB
2nd place and with a cheque for £300, Will Lambert of Prax LOR
ConCom Apprentice of the Year – 1st place, with a cheque for £500, was Matthew Lister of TesTex NDT Ltd

On behalf of the ConCom Team and Steering Committee – many congratulations and we look forward to seeing you have safe and long careers!


CATCH hosted the Major Hazards Network on Thursday 21 July.  The group was attended by over 20 in person and online delegates and forms one of the core networks for CATCH membership services.

David Hughes welcomed delegates to the Major Hazards Network and introduced our guest speaker Gus Carroll, CEO and Founder of Empirisys.  Gus presented details of the Energy Institute decarbonisation good practice programme.  The EI has established Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage as a new area of focus.  Gus outlined the 2021 Hydrogen work programme which received funding support from the Industrial Decarbonisation Research & Innovation Centre.  Work commenced in 2021 including subjects like competence, skills and training for the transition to hydrogen, environmental impacts of the large-scale deployment of hydrogen, development of a safety case for hydrogen storage and distribution by pipeline and Infrastructure integration & Asset integrity in repurposing existing natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen.

Gus outlined the range of new challenges presented by increasing use of hydrogen and its derivatives LH2, NH3, LOHC & MCH.  The safety impact for UK for these changes is extremely important during the energy transition and EI are leading this work through four further funded projects:

  • Export & import of hydrogen and liquid derivatives
  • Large scale storage of hydrogen
  • Incident data management for QRAs and HAZOPs in the context of hydrogen safety cases
  • Guidance on the development of safety case for hydrogen storage and distribution

Gus outlined future topics that are under consideration for funding in 2023.  The Energy Institute is keen to speak to companies at the fore front of the energy transition to help shape and direct their work.  If you are interested, please contact Mark Scanlon

Following a break Gus was kindly able to present on a separate topic of the COMAH Strategic Forum which was established in 2013 and Gus has recently taken over as chair of the Forum.  The CSF is comprised of the 3 competent authorities, COMAH sector representatives (including Trade Associations) and Unions.  The forum sets the longer term strategic direction for UK onshore major accident regulation.  The forum has been able to improve communication and knowledge exchange between the various stakeholders through guidance and good practice guides.

CSF current priorities include embedding principles of process safety leadership, greater transparency, driving proportionate regulatory scrutiny based on performance, clear standards and expectations and encouraging regulators to operate in a joined up way.  The CSF has recognised a number of drivers of change for COMAH regulated industries such as net zero targets, growth of new technologies such as hydrogen production and storage, ageing assets and ageing workforce challenges and embedding digital technologies.  Gus outlined the CSF’s response to these aspects shared some of the safety challenges that may arise from inexperienced operators and ambitious research institutions, not familiar with the regulatory framework whilst regulators are carefully managing budgetary constraints.  CSF are set to publish their 5 year strategy and are keen to engage a wide range of stakeholders through the CSF open forum on 14 November.

Empirys is an organisation that uses data science to help high hazard businesses operate more safely and more reliably.  The business is supported by a talented team of 12 data scientists, process engineers, asset operators and software engineers – more details are available here and via Gus Carroll

The next Major Hazards Network will be held on 3rd November at CATCH.

CATCH core network groups are for member companies, for more information please contact


Happy International Dog Day!

We celebrated by having a bring your dog to work day and they took part in several competitions to win medals!

The winners are..


Most like its owner:

1st Place – Buster (Keith Eddom)

2nd Place- Arnold (James McIntosh)

3rd Place – Molly (Paul Snowden)



1st Place – Blue (Yasmin Smith)

2nd Place- Pippa (Paul Raithby)

3rd Place- Bertie (Jess Bocock)



1st Place- Malcolm (Eve McIntosh)

2nd Place- Arnold (James McIntosh)

3rd Place- Ernie (Libbi Dimbleby)


Waggiest Tale:

1st Place – Abbie (Katie Hedges)

2nd Place- Oscar (Lesley Pickard)

3rd Place- Bella (Paul Raithby)


Well- Behaved:

1st Place- Dolly (Leah Lewis)

2nd Place- Ronnie (Leah Lewis)

3rd Place – Alfie (Jasmine Greenhalgh)


Best Tricks:

1st Place- Teddy (Jess Bocock)

2nd Place- Norris (Daisy Seddon)

3rd Place- Abbie (Katie Hedges)



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