CATCH, in collaboration with our members, has crafted a network dedicated exclusively to addressing challenges related to Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Belonging.

This network emerged from the CATCH HR leaders forum, in response to a shared sentiment among regional companies. Despite the remarkable initiatives already in place, there was a consensus on the potential for enhanced impact through collective action.

All network member companies commit to our EDIB Charter and group guidelines, pledging active engagement to drive change and future-proof the industry. As the current workforce grapples with a significant skills gap, and with thousands of jobs poised to emerge from upcoming large-scale engineering and construction projects, the importance of a diverse workforce and equal opportunities for all is paramount.

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Member Companies that have signed up to the 2024 EDIB Charter

The charter states:

We have a culture of mutual respect and belonging where everyone feels safe and supported within the
We have an inclusive workplace where everyone can be their true self.
We commit to having fair, consistent, and equitable policies supportingdiversity.
We encourage feedback and act swiftly to address any concernsrelated to EDIB.
We ensure our recruitment processes are free from bias and, attractpeople from all backgrounds.


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