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Process, Energy, Engineering and Renewables

CATCH is a leader in skills, apprenticeships, and competency, driven by industrial members and rooted deeply in industry.



Established in 1999 to support the £6 billion Humber chemical and process sectors.


Our state-of-the-art training centre was launched in 2006.


We introduced CATCH Skills in 2017 and CATCH Apprenticeships in 2021, marking a new era of industrial training and development.

About us

A champion for clean industrial growth, CATCH are leading the UK’s largest industrial cluster.

Our purpose is twofold: to function as a national technical skills centre and to be an industry hub for membership and supply chain services. Our mission is to empower the Humber, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire region, and beyond, by offering unparalleled membership support and progressive training development programs.

We will continue to grow and shape our world-class facilities for future talent development and enhanced membership services.

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Our facilities

CATCH operates the world renowned £12 million training facility near Grimsby. It is a cutting-edge, safe training space resembling real-world industrial plant & equipment. Featuring a three-story process plant, control room, tank farm, process simulator, and various industrial training zones and classrooms. Offering industry authentic training and assessment without the risks associated with processing hazardous materials. Including the National Centre for Process and Manufacturing – NCPM

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CATCH Members come from diverse sectors like engineering, renewable energy, and processing. They benefit from networking, meeting regulations, collaborating on projects, and making their voice heard. We support members by partnering with key industry stakeholders at all levels.


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Over the past decade, our facilities have been at the forefront of industrial skills training. We offer practical, real-world training that meets industry needs and attracts learners globally.

Adult Skills

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Launched in 2021, our apprenticeship program is quickly gaining recognition as an industry leader. Our courses, tailored to industry needs, range from process manufacturing to welding and engineering technician roles.

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