As the region faces the pressing challenges of climate change, we are stepping up to take responsibility for our environmental impact. We are committed to driving sustainable practices and achieving the ambitious goal of Net Zero by 2040. Our transformative journey has just begun and we are excited to share the impact that our changes will make.

Collaborative Partnerships:

We understand that addressing the challenge of achieving Net Zero requires collaboration. We have signed up to the SME Climate Hub, and fostered partnerships with Carbon Visibility, Grimsby Community Energy and Smarter Energy North East Lincolnshire. Through these alliances, we will leverage collective expertise, share best practices, and encourages other organisations to transition toward a sustainable future.

Zero Carbon – Developing a roadmap to deliver a net zero carbon footprint by 2040.

Having recently taken part in the Smarter Energy North East Lincolnshire flagship fully funded energy audit, we are confident and armed with the knowledge required to move forward with our low carbon plans here at CATCH. As a business it is imperative that we play our part, decarbonising our operations to benefit not only our local area, but also working with our members, stakeholders and visitors in partnership, to over achieve the UK Governments overall aim of NetZero by 2050.

We will prioritise resource efficiency, renewable energy, and zero to landfill principles. Implementing green technologies, embracing sustainable practices, and promoting eco-friendly solutions across our organisation

The Road Ahead

The journey to Net Zero by 2050 is undoubtedly challenging. However, our roadmap includes transparent reporting, setting targets, continuous improvement, and adapting our strategies to include environmental awareness.

For further details, contact Paul Snowden, Head of Operations.


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