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CATCH Skills have recently delivered a bespoke Confined Space Emergency Response course for Prax!

The main focus was to create real life scenarios of a rescue using a live casualty. This was to practise initiating a rescue, the responsibilities of a team leader/ member and ensuring clear communication.

We included additional elements of first aid including, emergency resuscitation, casualty handling and oxygen administration.

Lee Christie, Refinery Fire and Safety Leader said “The Confined Space Emergency Rescue Training was really good, the scenarios were realistic and it was really beneficial have live casualty rescues, the facility provided us with the challenges we needed to test our skills and experience.”

Holly Goodwin, CATCH Skills Account Manager added “It has been great supporting Prax with their Confined Space Emergency Rescue Training package. Tailoring the course to meet their site requirements ensures the delegates have a greater understanding and relatable experience within the scenarios. Utilising our purpose built Confined Space Rig for training means we can create real life scenarios, without the real industry risks. This provides individuals with the opportunity to practice and build confidence within a contained environment, should they ever need to perform these for real. In addition to the practical elements, we implemented exactly the same procedures they would follow at their site, ensuring our trainers can support the individuals every step of the way.”

For more information on the bespoke courses CATCH Skills can offer, please contact the team on 01469 552852 or email

Prax Confined Space Emergency Response


CATCH Skills are ECITB accredited to deliver MJI10, MJI18 and MJI19.

The courses can be taught individually or as a full package here at CATCH or on your site.

Delegates will gain the skills required to dismantle, inspect, prepare, assemble and tighten flanged and clamp connector pipe joints and bolted connections using:

  • Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques (MJI10)
  • Hydraulic Torque Bolted Connection Equipment and
    Techniques (MJI19)
  • Hydraulic Tensioning Connection and Equipment Techniques

For course dates and costs please contact the team on 01469 552852 or email


mechanical joint integrity

Register your Interest in a CATCH Apprenticeship for 2023!

You can now register your interest to start the application process for our September 2023 cohort.

You can express your interest in the disciplines below:

  • Process Operations
  • Electrical Technician (including Instrumentation)
  • Mechanical Technician
  • Welding (Pipe Welder, Plate Welder and Pipe Fitter) – New for 2023!

We are also offering the Process Operations apprenticeship in Leeds at Appris, BD4 8AT.

Please click the link below and complete the form to become a part of the process:




Happy International Dog Day!

We celebrated by having a bring your dog to work day and they took part in several competitions to win medals!

The winners are..


Most like its owner:

1st Place – Buster (Keith Eddom)

2nd Place- Arnold (James McIntosh)

3rd Place – Molly (Paul Snowden)



1st Place – Blue (Yasmin Smith)

2nd Place- Pippa (Paul Raithby)

3rd Place- Bertie (Jess Bocock)



1st Place- Malcolm (Eve McIntosh)

2nd Place- Arnold (James McIntosh)

3rd Place- Ernie (Libbi Dimbleby)


Waggiest Tale:

1st Place – Abbie (Katie Hedges)

2nd Place- Oscar (Lesley Pickard)

3rd Place- Bella (Paul Raithby)


Well- Behaved:

1st Place- Dolly (Leah Lewis)

2nd Place- Ronnie (Leah Lewis)

3rd Place – Alfie (Jasmine Greenhalgh)


Best Tricks:

1st Place- Teddy (Jess Bocock)

2nd Place- Norris (Daisy Seddon)

3rd Place- Abbie (Katie Hedges)



CATCH Skills ran a bespoke 1- Day Emergency Response training course for the employees at YARA. Using their procedures, we created a programme to incorporate important roles the employees may face within their jobs.

Martin Jones, HESQ Manager and Process Safety Coordinator said, “Fantastic course, very relevant and extremely well planned – the teams were free from site distractions and able to fully concentrate on the tasks in hand – mistakes were made and learning in a safe and open environment meant we can build people up – wonderful course”

The teams took part in several scenarios around the National Centre for Process Manufacturing (NCPM) including a forklift collision which required a first aid exercise to traumatic leg injuries and a leaking diesel tanker with 4000 litres potentially leaking into a local watercourse. We take pride in making all our scenarios realistic and create the industrial environment. We brought in a real-life volunteer to play the casualty and it was that realistic the fire brigade heard the screams and checked to see if we needed any assistance.

Holly Goodwin, CATCH Skills Account Manager added,

“CATCH Skills provide their customers with the opportunity to tailor our courses to meet their individual company requirements and standards.  This involves our Commercial Team arranging a scope meeting with the customer, to understand their requirements in further detail.

No course is the same, just like no business works in the same way. This is what makes the bespoke option crucial to ensure each customer is satisfied with the training.  The team have tailored courses to replicate scenarios that may appear on customers sites, they have implemented familiar documentation such as permit to works, risk assessments and procedures for the delegates attending, and they have used real equipment donated from the customers within the demonstrations and practical elements.

The feedback we have received from both companies and trainers, is that the delegates are much more engaged and feel confident applying what they have learnt to their individual job roles.”


For more information on these programmes or to find out how we can assist you and your training needs, contact Holly on 01469 552841 or email


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CATCH is thrilled to kick off the first Introduction to Industry skills training course of the year with 13 keen learners from Humberston Academy.

Greenergy have sponsored three of the young learner’s industry programmes this year. The first one was exclusive to Humberston Academy. Blain Wilkinson, Design and Technology teacher said

“The introduction to industry course provided by CATCH has been invaluable in helping our learners make informed choices about their career paths post 16. The course gives them valuable insight into what to expect from an apprenticeship and a career in industry. It helps our learners to understand that there is an entire world of opportunities waiting for them after they leave school and gives them real world experience of the type of industry that is available on their doorstep. The introduction to industry course also provides our learners with a chance to really stand out during the application and interview process for apprenticeships and colleges.

From a personal point of view I feel incredibly lucky to be able to work so closely with an industry leading training provider like CATCH. It has enabled me to help my students make more informed decisions when it comes to their career path post-16. I have always been incredibly passionate about offering learners as many opportunities as possible and working with CATCH and Greenergy has really enabled me to open up a whole host of opportunities that otherwise they wouldn’t have had chance to access. It Is refreshing and encouraging that companies like CATCH and Greenergy are reaching back into schools to really make the effort to bridge the gap between education and industry. I look forward to being able to continue working closely with CATCH and Greenergy to provide more opportunities to learners in the future.”

The experience takes place at the National Centre for Process and Manufacturing (NCPM) where students took part in practical elements such as solving scenarios and assembling pumps using Mechanical Joint Integrity processes. The sessions were led by CATCH Skills expert industrial trainers to give a realistic insight into future careers.

Our August date is fully booked however, we have 10 places left on our 26th-27th October programme. To book a place contact Jess on




Over 300 learners walked through our doors for a skills training course. Over 80 of these learners achieved their CCNSG cards and over 30 walked away with an ECITB MJI10 qualification.

June is set to be just as busy!

Due to the continued demand of CCNSG Safety Passport Basic we have already sold out 3 courses in June.

We have now added an extra date 27th – 28th June, if you wish to book your place, please contact Daisy on 01469 552852 or email

These courses have limited availability – be quick to secure your place!


ECITB Small Bore Tubing– 9th – 10th June

ECITB Medium Risk Confined Space – 20th – 21st June

ECITB MJI10,18 & 19 – 20th – 22nd June

ISO Internal Auditor Training– 6th – 7th July

ECITB MJI10 – 11th July

Working at Height – 19th July

ECITB Small Bore Tubing- 21st – 22nd July

ECITB High Risk Confined Space – 25th – 27th July

ECITB MJI10,18 & 19 – 26th – 28th July

CATCH Skills have trained over 250 learners through various health and safely training in April alone. The course of the month in April was CCNSG Safety Passport issuing 90 learners with their cards.

CATCH Skills Training Brochure 2022

We are pleased to launch our brand new training course brochure for 2022, please click the link below to view the latest version:

For additional training courses please visit our website or email Daisy on for more of our open course dates.


On Tuesday 19th April 2022 the CATCH Apprenticeship team successfully hosted their first apprenticeship employer recruitment event with over 150 excellent learners looking to gain one of the approx. 50 vacancies on offer. The event saw both north bank and south bank employers providing apprenticeship opportunities in Process Operations, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation.

There was a range of vacancies available with companies such as Triton Power, Tronox, Prax, Birch

Solutions, VPI, Mitsubishi Chemicals and Lenzing. Wood group, Singleton Birch, Croda and Graytons. CATCH are engaging with a number of additional employers who are looking to recruit apprentices for a September start.

We spoke to the Process Technicians at Mitsubishi Chemicals to find out why they decided to be an apprentice, Harry said ‘I chose to do an apprenticeship within industry for the qualifications, experience and job progression.’ He continued ‘my advice to those considering an apprenticeship is to find a career you enjoy and can progress and excel in’.

Luke, a Process Technician at Mitsubishi said, ‘I chose to do an apprenticeship in process technologies to learn in a hands-on environment.’ He continued “my advice to new learners would be to research the career you want to do as most of these jobs are jobs for life.’

We asked VPI why they chose CATCH as their apprenticeship provider, they said ‘Our local training provider offers excellent facilities and support to meet our commitments to training in our production engineering and safety targets.’ We also asked what makes a great candidate, ‘Great candidates come prepared to engage in conversations allowing us to get to know them and how they can meet our expectations.’

After this fantastic event James McIntosh, COO summarised “It was a proud moment to host our first apprenticeship employer recruitment event and we are looking forward to playing a lead role in developing the next generation of our industries workforce through the CATCH Apprenticeship scheme. To see so many employers looking to recruit apprentices is a positive step forward for our region as we try to bridge the widening skills and competency gaps in engineering, operations and manufacturing based roles. The candidates gave a great first impression of themselves and there were some fantastic conversations had throughout the day as they learnt about the wide range of companies we work with and the roles they had available. We now look forward to some of those learners being successful and starting as CATCH Ap

prentices in September.”

To read more on our apprenticeship offer visit our website or contact the team on





**CATCH Skills will be including amendment 2 within the City & Guilds 18th Edition**


From the 19th April 2022 we will be using the new 18th edition books and including the additional content.


For more information and for our course dates please click the link below:


Alternatively, you can contact the team on 01469 552828 or email



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