Happy International Dog Day!

We celebrated by having a bring your dog to work day and they took part in several competitions to win medals!

The winners are..


Most like its owner:

1st Place – Buster (Keith Eddom)

2nd Place- Arnold (James McIntosh)

3rd Place – Molly (Paul Snowden)



1st Place – Blue (Yasmin Smith)

2nd Place- Pippa (Paul Raithby)

3rd Place- Bertie (Jess Bocock)



1st Place- Malcolm (Eve McIntosh)

2nd Place- Arnold (James McIntosh)

3rd Place- Ernie (Libbi Dimbleby)


Waggiest Tale:

1st Place – Abbie (Katie Hedges)

2nd Place- Oscar (Lesley Pickard)

3rd Place- Bella (Paul Raithby)


Well- Behaved:

1st Place- Dolly (Leah Lewis)

2nd Place- Ronnie (Leah Lewis)

3rd Place – Alfie (Jasmine Greenhalgh)


Best Tricks:

1st Place- Teddy (Jess Bocock)

2nd Place- Norris (Daisy Seddon)

3rd Place- Abbie (Katie Hedges)


Jessica Bocock


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