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ECITB Small Bore Tubing– 9th – 10th June

ECITB Medium Risk Confined Space – 20th – 21st June

ECITB MJI10,18 & 19 – 20th – 22nd June

ISO Internal Auditor Training– 6th – 7th July

ECITB MJI10 – 11th July

Working at Height – 19th July

ECITB Small Bore Tubing- 21st – 22nd July

ECITB High Risk Confined Space – 25th – 27th July

ECITB MJI10,18 & 19 – 26th – 28th July

CATCH Skills have trained over 250 learners through various health and safely training in April alone. The course of the month in April was CCNSG Safety Passport issuing 90 learners with their cards.

CATCH Skills Training Brochure 2022

We are pleased to launch our brand new training course brochure for 2022, please click the link below to view the latest version:

For additional training courses please visit our website or email Daisy on for more of our open course dates.


Key organisations involved in decarbonisation projects across the Humber region will come together for the first time to promote opportunities for students and businesses.

Phillips 66, SSE, Drax, Centrica, Equinor, National Grid Ventures and VPI-Immingham will be among those exhibiting at the first Humber Industrial Decarbonisation Conference, being held as part of Humber Business Week.

The free event will take place at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe on Tuesday, 7th June.

In the morning, hundreds of students from schools and colleges across the region will have a chance to discuss careers in decarbonisation.

The afternoon will give the opportunity for SME and supply chain businesses to understand the impact of these huge, multi-billion-pound infrastructure projects, which will capture carbon dioxide before it goes into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.

The Humber emits 40% of the nation’s total carbon emissions and holds a key to the Government hitting its 2050 net zero ambition.

The conference is being organised by the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan (HICP), supported by Phillips 66 and VPI combined heat and power plant.

Katie Hedges, Director of Low Carbon Strategy at CATCH in Stallingborough and engaged by the HICP, was delighted by the interest generated by the conference.

“This event will bring together key stakeholders who are actively involved with decarbonisation activities and projects in the Humber region,” she said.

The Humber: A 2030 Vision for Industrial Decarbonisation Map, created in collaboration with Marketing Humber, is being brought to life, with companies featured on the map taking exhibition space and hosting breakout sessions.

The Humber Industrial Cluster plan, led by the HEY LEP and CATCH, alongside industrial partners, will showcase what is happening in the region, the opportunities available and provide visitors with access to key people from prominent companies across the decarbonisation space.”

The map brings together the breath of infrastructure, carbon sequestration capacity, hydrogen storage and production plus highlights the vast potential for skills, job creation and huge investment bolstering the local and UK economy.

Nina Stobart, External Communications and Public Affairs Lead at Phillips 66, had the idea of bringing the decarbonisation map to life.

“We are particularly keen to engage with the region’s schools, sixth forms and FE colleges, their careers advisers and STEM teachers, to explain the opportunities coming the Humber’s way,” she said.

“Decarbonisation is going to create thousands of jobs and we want to support young people in their career choices.

“The opportunities go beyond just STEM subjects, as there will be a range of disciplines employed in decarbonisation in the future.

“The Humber’s in a unique place to capitalise on this new sector because of the amount of high energy industry and its proximity to safe storage under the North Sea.”

Schools, academies, sixth forms and FE colleges across the Humber have been invited to the event, with the offer of free travel.

Those who would like to book their students a place for the morning session, which will run between 9.30am and 11.30am, should email

Businesses who wish to attend the afternoon session, between 12.30 and 4pm, should book via


8th June, 10am – 12 noon
In person and online places available

Celebrating our 10th year supporting Humber Business Week we are hosting the Humber Environmental Managers Conference that will provide an update on the Environment Bill, exploring how businesses can meet the biodiversity net gain aspects in the Bill and how projects in our region are developing nature-based solutions and responding to wider drivers for a more circular economy.

When enacted in 2023, the Environment Bill requires all development to deliver a minimum uplift of 10% in the amount of biodiversity as a result of the developer’s activity – called Biodiversity Net Gain.  This event will provide an opportunity to understand how,  through partnership, the region is working to ensure a vibrant and prosperous green investment economy that delivers for people and wildlife.  Delegates will hear about work being carried out in Greater Lincolnshire to create a fair, equitable and transparent market in natural environment asset trading.  If successful, this work will provide a template for a much wider approach.

A further objective of the conference is to assess how decarbonising of the Humber region can be effectively progressed through nature-based solutions and resource efficiency, and the benefits which can be obtained for the local community, economy and nature.

Our conference is an annual event of the Humber Environmental Managers’ Network, which is organised by CATCH and the Humber Nature Partnership (HNP).  CATCH is an industry-led partnership supporting the process, energy, engineering and renewable industries in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.  HNP is one of the 48 Local Nature Partnerships covering England, which were established following the 2011 Environment White Paper.

To register your place, please email stating if you would like to attend in person or via teams.


On Tuesday 19th April 2022 the CATCH Apprenticeship team successfully hosted their first apprenticeship employer recruitment event with over 150 excellent learners looking to gain one of the approx. 50 vacancies on offer. The event saw both north bank and south bank employers providing apprenticeship opportunities in Process Operations, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation.

There was a range of vacancies available with companies such as Triton Power, Tronox, Prax, Birch

Solutions, VPI, Mitsubishi Chemicals and Lenzing. Wood group, Singleton Birch, Croda and Graytons. CATCH are engaging with a number of additional employers who are looking to recruit apprentices for a September start.

We spoke to the Process Technicians at Mitsubishi Chemicals to find out why they decided to be an apprentice, Harry said ‘I chose to do an apprenticeship within industry for the qualifications, experience and job progression.’ He continued ‘my advice to those considering an apprenticeship is to find a career you enjoy and can progress and excel in’.

Luke, a Process Technician at Mitsubishi said, ‘I chose to do an apprenticeship in process technologies to learn in a hands-on environment.’ He continued “my advice to new learners would be to research the career you want to do as most of these jobs are jobs for life.’

We asked VPI why they chose CATCH as their apprenticeship provider, they said ‘Our local training provider offers excellent facilities and support to meet our commitments to training in our production engineering and safety targets.’ We also asked what makes a great candidate, ‘Great candidates come prepared to engage in conversations allowing us to get to know them and how they can meet our expectations.’

After this fantastic event James McIntosh, COO summarised “It was a proud moment to host our first apprenticeship employer recruitment event and we are looking forward to playing a lead role in developing the next generation of our industries workforce through the CATCH Apprenticeship scheme. To see so many employers looking to recruit apprentices is a positive step forward for our region as we try to bridge the widening skills and competency gaps in engineering, operations and manufacturing based roles. The candidates gave a great first impression of themselves and there were some fantastic conversations had throughout the day as they learnt about the wide range of companies we work with and the roles they had available. We now look forward to some of those learners being successful and starting as CATCH Ap

prentices in September.”

To read more on our apprenticeship offer visit our website or contact the team on





CATCH Ex services personnel, Alan Boyington, Rois Lorenz, John Morris, Mark Booth, David Talbot, Andy Naden

CATCH has pledged its support for the armed forces and veterans by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.  The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation to those who serve or who have served, and their families, which says we will do all we can to ensure they are treated fairly and are not disadvantaged in their day-to-day lives.  The Armed Forces Covenant relies on the people, communities, and businesses of the UK to actively support it in order to make a difference.

CATCH has agreed to ensure that no member of the Armed Forces Community should face disadvantage compared to any other citizen. We will promote that we are armed forces friendly, support our veterans through employment whilst supporting service spouses and partners. We will encourage our staff members to become involved with local cadet organisations, and recognize national armed forces events, including supporting associated charities.

Mark, Training Delivery Manager at CATCH said, “CATCH in recent years has greatly benefited from the skills, training, and expertise of ex-forces personnel gained in service, employing six members of staff with a military background across the business – including our CEO!  We are looking forward to strengthening our pledge further –  The Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) encourages employers to support defense and inspire other organisations to do the same. Therefore we have submitted an application to receive a  bronze award. This award recognises commitments to support the Armed Forces, including existing or prospective employees,  promote being Armed Forces-friendly, and that we are open to employing Reservists, Armed Forces  Veterans (including the wounded, injured and  sick), Cadet Instructors, and military spouses/partners”

CATCH is also delighted to announce that as part of our pledge, we will provide a 10% discount to ex forces personnel on our CATCH Skills courses (excluding accredited courses).

For more about the Covenant and what it means for you, visit


CATCH hosted the Major Hazards Group on Thursday 17 March.  David Hughes chaired the session introducing the delegates in the room and welcoming those joining virtually.  The group meet three times per year and focus on sharing learning and experience in managing safety, in particular process safety, in the COMAH industries in and around the Humber estuary.  It is a CATCH member only network.

David introduced the first speaker, Bill Gibson from Yokogawa who gave a presentation on Yokogawa RAP.  Electronic permit to work systems have become a popular choice for high hazard facilities as they can demonstrate ease of control of work through linking systems electronically.  RAP is a modular software package for control of work, it provides an intuitive digital gateway to a safer working culture.  The system can provide permits in many languages and can be deployed in a cloud environment.  Bill demonstrated the advantages of ePWT versus a paper-based system.  The system can use maps to identify existing exclusion zones and can identify tasks that may conflict with each other to trigger a decision.  Bill took questions and ran through a short demo of the system.

After a short break, David introduced Nick Granger, HFR Solutions, Terry Sellers from HFRS and Barry Pearman currently with P66, who led a presentation on how to improve mutual aid support across the Humber COMAH industries.  Terry gave the background to the project and the challenges around developing mutual aid arrangements across industrial sites.  Barry described the voluntary audit process which is currently being offered at no cost to COMAH industries through HFR Solutions.  The operators were invited to ask questions.  Any upper or lower tier COMAH sites interested in receiving an audit should contact

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 21 July at CATCH.

For more information about CATCH networks please visit


We are delighted that Lincolnshire County Council and The Greater Lincolnshire LEP have joined CATCH Membership – you can find out more, in our interview below:

Please introduce your organisation

Lincolnshire County Council is an ambitious, progressive organisation which stives to provide modern and responsive public services to the residents and businesses of Lincolnshire.  One of Lincolnshire County Council’s key priorities is supporting our county’s economy and creating the best conditions for economic growth.  We’re keen to make sure that we support our local businesses directly such as helping them access the funding, premises, advice and training they need. But we also have a more strategic role – ensuring our infrastructure and connectivity are of the quality needed to encourage more investment, and that the workforce have the skills needed to meet business demands.  Across the board we’re investing in flagship sites in key sectors, including agri-food, advanced engineering & manufacturing, tourism and low carbon, whilst securing high value investment in our county’s roads and broadband.  Sustainability, reducing our impact on the environment and introducing green technology is at the heart of county’s growth plans.

Follow us Twitter: @LincolnshireCC, @TeamLincs LinkedIn: Lincolnshire County Council Team Lincolnshire

The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a public-private partnership created to improve the lives and opportunities of communities and businesses in Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland.   The Greater Lincolnshire LEP is committed to supporting the local economy to include all businesses, people, investors and stakeholders, and to bringing job security, stabilising economic impacts, and increasing opportunities.

Follow us @GreaterLincsLEP, @businesslincs and through LinkedIn

Please tell me why you joined catch membership

CATCH is a key partner in the Greater Lincolnshire LEP’s and Lincolnshire County Council’s priority game-changing sectors; Renewables – and plays an important role in skills development and communication of the opportunities.  Working more closely together enables us together to amplify the opportunity and reach more people.


How can CATCH membership support you?

Together we can cross-promote our work, activity and opportunities in this sector and gain a better understanding of what is happening across decarbonisation and the renewables sector.


How can fellow members contact you, and what support can you provide?

CATCH members can contact Lincolnshire County Council via Karen Seal, Principal Officer for Place & Investment at or – you can visit our website: Homepage – Lincolnshire County Council and also find further support to businesses through Team Lincolnshire: Team Lincolnshire Homepage – Team Lincolnshire.  Contact the LEP via through their website on their Teams page and you can register to receive monthly publications and updates on the LEP and the vital work with their partners here.


Concom News – April 2022

  • Bailey International Steeplejacks have been nominated by EP SHB Ltd to join the Concom Scheme. We welcome them and look forward to carrying out the audit at their offices soon.
  • 15 audits were carried out in March (4 of which scored 100%!) – many thanks to all involved for their time, preparations, and hospitality.
  • Five applications were received for the 2022 Apprentice of the Year Awards. The Concom Team and Committee are reviewing these and arranging interviews in the next few weeks with the trophies to be awarded at a ceremony in May.
  • We had our first free Concom awareness training sessions on 31st March, which were very well received. Further training can be carried out – please let us know.
  • The Concom Team are continuing to be involved with new Concom Portal development. We are at the data enter stage and we are promised a test version later this month before launching it over the summer.
  • Concom issued a survey in March. This was to all of our contractor members with regards to any skills shortages they may be experiencing and was a direct result from discussions held at the latest Humber Engineering Managers Forum (HEMF).  Results are being analysed but it is clear that there are already shortages in certain skill sets.  It is expected they will become more exacerbated as a result of the hydrogen and carbon capture projects starting in the area.
  • The pace of development of the social media aspect of Concom has stepped up. The first of our videos was on LinkedIn last week with more planned.  In order to see these at present, you need to follow the Catch &/or Dave Evans pages.  Please feel free to ‘like’ and share!
  • For information, client and contractor Concom membership renewals have been issued and we look forward to hearing from you.
  • The Concom forum is still a blend of in-person and Teams. We had hoped to all be back to Catch rather than remote, but we had to revert back due to the present situation with Covid.


CATCH is delighted to be making its first steps on the road to net zero after completing its first comprehensive carbon assessment through partner organisation Carbon Visibility.
The assessment covers emissions resulting from buildings, fleet vehicles, business travel, commuting, waste disposal and supply chain, in line with UK government reporting guidelines.
CATCH’s output for the 2020/21 financial year and carbon reduction plan sets a baseline from which to make improvements immediately and to start to look at longer term, more complex carbon reduction projects.

Head Of Operations Paul Snowden, who completed the assessment using Carbon Visibility’s digital platform, said calculating emissions was the first step on CATCH’s journey to net zero.
He said: “This was a very user-friendly but comprehensive process and the data we now have will be invaluable in helping us to identify areas of priority for our carbon reduction.
“We are working with Carbon Visibility to identify the most beneficial changes we can make and begin to take steps to implement them, and are already looking at a project to install solar panels on our roof space.
“We can even predict, for example, how much carbon we can save by increasing home working were practical and encouraging and incentivising staff to change their mode of commuting and choice of business travel, and make a cost-benefit assessment based on that data.”

Carbon Visibility was established in 2020 to provide a simple digital solution to the complexity of calculating carbon outputs for organisations of all sizes.
As well as offering this service through its digital assessment platform, it also provides consultancy services to enable businesses to identify impactful carbon reduction opportunities and marketing services which promote their good news stories.

CEO Neil Armstrong said: “We are very pleased that CATCH have really grasped the nettle with their carbon assessment and are serious about making a meaningful change that will have real benefits for the environment.
“Carbon Visibility are excited to be on this journey with CATCH and we look forward to seeing the effects of their carbon reduction measures take the organisation towards net zero over the coming years.”

To find out more about Carbon Visibility, visit, email or call 0333 772 9098.


**CATCH Skills will be including amendment 2 within the City & Guilds 18th Edition**


From the 19th April 2022 we will be using the new 18th edition books and including the additional content.


For more information and for our course dates please click the link below:


Alternatively, you can contact the team on 01469 552828 or email



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