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CATCH is delighted to announce that as of September 2022, the West Yorkshire apprenticeship programme will be based at Appris in Bradford. The Process Operations apprenticeship (Science Manufacturing Technician) provision was launched last year with a cohort of 10 learners starting in September 2021, with a new cohort due to start September 2022.

In addition to providing a location for the delivery of the apprenticeship, the agreement sees the start of a partnership to promote STEM career options to young people in the West Yorkshire region through schools engagement. It also gives employers a facility to be able to train maintenance apprentices through Appris and Operations apprentices through CATCH at the same venue.

James McIntosh, Chief Operating Officer at CATCH, said “I am pleased for us to have secured space at Appris to deliver our provision from. We have heard extremely positive reviews from our employers about Appris so were keen to work in collaboration with a like-minded, employer led, not-for-profit organisation like ourselves. Working in partnership with Appris also allows us to plant a flag in West Yorkshire with a long-term home for our apprenticeship provision, in addition to us working together on being able to offer short upskilling course in West Yorkshire replicating the CATCH Humber delivery model.”

Dean Coleman-Walker, Business Development Director at Appris, commented – “We are absolutely delighted to welcome CATCH to our Bradford site. Our well-matched approach to skills development, sustainability and growth for the region will ensure West Yorkshire continues to thrive and be a benchmark throughout the UK. Our developing relationship will undoubtedly grow even further with an aim to provide the best employer led programmes in apprenticeships and development for the engineering, manufacturing and science industry sectors in our region.”


We wanted to take this opportunity to inform you Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS): A Government Response on potential business models for carbon capture, usage and storage  has today been published.

This is an important milestone and underlines the Government’s ambition to delivering CCUS and low carbon hydrogen in the 2020s, supported by new commercial frameworks which we will put in place over the next two years. The response document sets out the progress we have made on business models to incentivise CCUS and low carbon hydrogen, as well as an update on the CCS Infrastructure Fund, announced at the Spring Budget. The response sets out the Government’s intention to progress an Industrial CCUS Contract for Difference and to provide a further detailed update on the model’s design by the end of the year.  On low carbon hydrogen, it includes a commitment to continue to progress the development of a low carbon hydrogen business model with the intention to consult on a preferred business model. Alongside this we have also published: Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage: A Government Response on the re-use of oil and gas assets in CCUS projects, which identifies the opportunities and existing barriers to the re-use of existing infrastructure for CO2 Transport and Storage, as well as the assets with the greatest re-use potential for CCUS.

In July 2020, the UK Government announced plans to publish an Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy in Spring 2021. The Strategy will set out the Government’s vision for a prosperous, low carbon UK industrial sector in 2050. Working closely with Devolved Administration partners, the Strategy will set out how the low carbon transition can support industrial competitiveness and the Green Recovery across the UK, including identifying opportunities for new markets and sectors to develop.

The Strategy’s aim is to set out:
• how the UK can have a thriving industrial sector aligned to Net Zero without pushing emissions abroad;
• how and when Government will act to support decarbonisation, whilst sharing the costs fairly between industry, its customers and the taxpayer; and to
• start a conversation about the shape of industry in a Net Zero world.

Industry accounts for 16% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. This includes sectors like iron and steel, chemicals, cement, glass and paper, as well as industrial buildings. To meet Net Zero, industry emissions must fall by around 90% compared to 1990 levels. The Strategy will look at the role of different technologies and measures in achieving this, including using hydrogen, electrification, biomass and carbon capture, as well as improving energy efficiency and resource efficiency. It will look at industrial sites in clusters and beyond. The Strategy will also discuss the role of Government and industry in this transition, including how Government can coordinate the change, create the right incentives and address the risk of carbon leakage.

Ministers and officials will be talking to stakeholders in the development of the Strategy to ensure it captures a broad range of views and ideas.

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Room Hire

Here are some quotes from our customers regarding our facilities, “excellent facility”, “a trainers dream”, “very helpful staff” and “the coffee is outstanding”.

We had a visit from our local MP who said the facility was “very impressive”.

We are continually receiving positive feedback from our customers. We are prepared to go that extra mile in order to satisfy your requirements and are very flexible with any specific needs that you may have.


Our catering and coffee continue to receive excellent feedback form our customers at our restaurant CATCH A Bite 365.

Pre-book tour

We have a wide range of excellent rooms suitable for all group sizes, from small groups of delegates to large conferences that can seat 100 theatre style. You’re also able to come see the rooms before booking.

Members’ discount

All CATCH and Concom members receive a 10% discount on CATCH Room hire.

Hiring a room

To ensure your rooms meet your requirements, Jasmine will work with you to ensure that your room is perfect for your group size, ideal date, time and duration. Jasmine will also be able to advise you on any questions relating to travel, accessibility, catering, prices and accommodation.

For more information please contact-
01469 552821


Counter Terrorism Policing North East, together with the seven regional police forces, are calling on local communities to help defeat terrorism.

Tuesday, March 20th, saw the launch of the latest national campaign as part of Action Counters Terrorism.  The new head of UK Counter Terrorism Policing has used the launch of a campaign about terrorist attack planning methods to reveal that more than a fifth of reports from the public produce Bntelligence which is helpful to police.

The recently appointed Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations (ACSO), Neil Basu, praised the public’s willingness to ACT in response to last year’s unprecedented rise in terrorist activity, which resulted in record numbers of people contacting the police through online referral forms and the confidential hotline to report suspicious behaviour and activity.

Now he is launching the second phase of the ‘ACT -Action Counters Terrorism’ campaign, featuring a new 60-second film based on real life foiled plots, which will show examples of terrorist-related suspicious activity and behaviour, as well as attack planning methodology.

A call to action will encourage the public to report suspicious behaviour and activity via the online tool (, helping the police to prevent terrorism and save lives.

Head of CTP North East, Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden said, “Your assistance is more important than ever.

“The key to tackling the growing threat from terrorism is our (the police) relationship with, and the support of, local communities.

“Any piece of information you may have could be important. Anything you have seen or heard, anything that your instincts tell you isn’t right, please report it. Specially trained officers and staff will take that information and ensure that it is dealt with in the most appropriate way.

“Your decision could help the police prevent terrorism and save lives”

“We have been saying for some time now that communities defeat terrorism, and these figures demonstrate just how important members of the public are in the fight to keep our country safe,” says ACSO Neil Basu.

“Since the beginning of 2017 we have foiled 10 Islamist and four right wing terror plots, and there is no doubt in my mind that would have been impossible to do without relevant information from the public.”

Of the nearly 31000 public reports to Counter Terrorism (CT) Policing during 2017, more than 6600 (21.2%) resulted in useful intelligence – information which is used by UK officers to inform live investigations or help build an intelligence picture of an individual or group.

Research carried out by CT Policing suggests that while more than 80% of people are motivated to report suspicious activity or behaviour, many are unclear exactly what they should be looking for.

The second phase of the ‘ACT -Action Counters Terrorism’ from CT Policing aims to educate the public about terrorist attack planning and reinforce the message that any piece of information, no matter how small, could make the difference between a lethal attack or a successful disruption.

“Like other criminals, terrorists need to plan and that creates opportunities for police and the security services to discover and stop these attacks before they happen” says ACSO Basu.

“But we need your help to exploit these opportunities, so if you see or hear something unusual or suspicious trust your instincts and ACT by reporting it in confidence by phone or online.

“That could be someone buying or storing chemicals, fertilisers or gas cylinders for no obvious reasons, or receiving deliveries for unusual items, it could be someone embracing extremist ideology, or searching for such material online.

“This new film has been made to try and help people understand recent terrorist attack-planning methods, but also to demonstrate that each report from the public can be one vital piece of a much larger picture.

“The important thing for people to remember is that no report is a waste of our time, trust your instincts and tell us if something doesn’t feel right.”

Visit for more campaign details.


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