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As part of their Humber Business Week programme CATCH and the Humber Nature Partnership hosted their joint Humber Environmental Managers Conference on Wednesday 8th June.  The event was chaired by Martin Jones, HESQ Manager at Yara.  The event was a hybrid session held in person at CATCH and via TEAMs with over 40 delegates.

Martin introduced the first speaker, Ola Ladapo, Senior Policy Advisor at Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who gave a presentation on the Environment Act who covered key policies in the Act including Green Governance, air quality, resource efficiency, water resource management and restoring nature through measures such as establishing Local Nature Recovery Strategies across England.  You can sign up for email alerts from DEFRA here

The next presentation was from Tammy Smalley, Head of Conservation at Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and covered an important aspect of the Environment Act on Biodiversity Net Gain.  Tammy detailed the exceptional opportunities for nature recovery and enhancement in the Greater Lincolnshire area and confirmed that there will be a local nature recovery strategy for Greater Lincolnshire with some work already completed on biodiversity opportunity mapping.  Tammy commented on how important Biodiversity Net Gain is to the enhancement of nature and is at the heart of the Environment Act.  Tammy outlined that developers are seen as the ‘buyers’ from landowners as the ‘sellers’ in a system facilitated by planning authorities, Natural England and Wildlife Trusts.  A project called Green Investment in Greater Lincolnshire (GIGL) has secured a grant to create a fair, equitable and transparent market in natural environment asset trading across Greater Lincolnshire to ensure a vibrant and prosperous green investment economy that delivers for people and wildlife.  Delegates were urged to contact the team for more details, especially you are a buyer

After a short break Dr Pauline Deutz from the University of Hull gave a presentation on the Circular Economy highlight how companies are engaging with the circular economy and to what extent places benefit from a CE transition.  Pauline highlighted recent research at regional scale through collaboration of places & companies, employment implications, repair sector attitudes and the involvement of social enterprises.

The final presentation was a very timely update on Environmental Constraints in Industrial Clusters which has started looking at water constraints in the Humber as a Pathfinder Project given by Tom Glyn-Jones from the Environment Agency.  Tom outlined the project and presented some early evidence showing the water intensity of proposed technologies being used to reduce industrial carbon emissions.  Tom explained that estimated climate impacts will further challenge availability of water for industrial uses.  The final report is due to be shared with stakeholders shortly and funding has been secured for a phase 2 over next 2 years to include the whole East Coast Cluster

If members of the Environmental Managers Network wish to contact the Agency to find out more about phase 1 of our project, ask us questions, or would like to participate as a stakeholder in phase 2, please use this e-mail address

The next Humber Environmental Managers Network will be held on Weds 5 October, for more information about this and other CATCH Networks please contact



Thursday 25th February at 11am

Title:  Industrial waste heat and fuel switching

Description:  Emissions from heat are the single biggest contributor to UK emissions, with industrial processes contributing ~66 MtCO2/pa (2016). For the UK to meet it’s climate change obligations, it must generate the same levels of success had with electricity decarbonisation. The webinar focuses on the role of heat recovery and fuel switching can play on industrial process, exploring the current policies, challenges, opportunities, new innovations, case studies as well as the fiscal outlook.


Thursday 11th March at 11am

Title: “Optimising energy concept and grid connection for new build – Boost your project ROI with Construction industry’s best kept secrets”

Description: Infrastructure developments are complex projects to manage, with multiple priorities fighting for attention. Energy and connection economics are often overlooked but can have a disproportionate impact on your project’s plan. Having an early view of grid connection and energy concept economics drives the right decisions towards best return on investment, whether a straightforward import connection or a complex concept with embedded power generation and storage.

We will share case studies showing how three simple steps can boost your connection business case:

  1. Understanding options: behind the meter assets, ownership, boundaries, tariffs
  2. Modelling load, flows and cash flows at early stage to inform design decisions
  3. Using deregulated connection approaches and sourcing the right partners

We will also share a connection upgrade case and share thoughts on how to value existing connections.


Thursday 18th March at 11am

The next in our series of Lean Six Sigma themed webinars will be on The Wonderful World of Workplace Organisation (5S)

Everything in its place and everything has a place!  5S is defined as a methodology that results in a workplace that is clean, uncluttered, safe, and well organized to help reduce waste and optimize productivity. It’s designed to help build a quality work environment, both physically and mentally.

This webinar will take us through the 5 steps to achieve workplace organisation, with case studies of real-life examples and the benefits it can bring.

For further information or to book a place – please contact Jill Mooney –


The second Industrial Decarbonisation network brought together 24 participants from around the region.  The network was the first blended meeting, of speakers and participants at the CATCH site, socially distanced and many dialing into the meeting via MS Teams.  The meeting commenced with David Talbot introducing the speakers and commenting on the Humber regions status as the largest cluster for C02 emission in the UK, and that the region has the potential to be a world leader in terms of decarbonisation.

David Theakston, project development engineer at VPI Immingham, started the presentations with an overview of the Humber Zero project between a number of partners including, lead partner VPI, Uniper, Philipps 66 and Total LOR.  David explained that the project goal is to reduce CO2 by 8MT per year.  He explained the pathways and project components such as green Hydrogen, post combustion at refineries and the land available and concept layouts at Uniper and Phillips 66.  David then explained in more detail the project plan including feeds and costs, plus how to link into a new proposed CO2 transport and storage system.

Next, Martin Hopkins from Velocys presented how to develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).  Martin advised that the International Civil Aviation organization has an aim to reduce CO2 production by 50% – many of the larger airlines have signed up.  Then he covered other drivers such as the UK excess waste and the government priorities such as net zero, local air quality and inward investment.  SAF is key to decarbonizing the aviation industry.  Next Martin gave an overview of the Grimsby Altalto project to build the UKs first commercial household waste to fuels plant, using household waste as the sustainable feedstock.  The process saves 600,000 Tons a year of non-recyclable waste going to landfill.  Martin outlined the benefit of this is CO2 ready to be captured for use or storage.  The main advantages of these plants are that there is a 70% reduction in greenhouse gasses, reduction in pollutant emissions as it is a clean burning fuel, and a reduction in waste to landfill.  Martin also covered using wood chips as a feedstock.

Katie then gave a short update on the project that CATCH is working on – Innovate UK has funded CATCH and the Humber LEP to develop its methodology for a Roadmap to decarbonise Humber industries.  CATCH and the Humber LEP are applying for Phase 2 funding to deliver their Roadmap from January 2021 through to March 2023.

There is a webinar taking place on the 30th July – Targeting Industrial net zero in the Humber region – which explains the project in more detail. You can find details of the webinar here.

The next Humber Industrial Decarbonisation Network will take place on 21 October.

If you would like further information on HIDN please contact Katie –


6th August 2020 at 11am

Delivered by Catch Technical Consultant – Matt Longley

How lessons from the Film and TV Industry can help other industries improve the Mental Health of their employees.

About Matt

Matt is a Chartered Chemical Engineer who moved into commercial and project management in the equipment hire industry after 13 years in chemicals.

Equipment hire led him to the fast-paced environment of film and TV production. He has worked on some of the most well-known films such as Harry Potter, War Horse and The Dark Knight Rises.

The loss of colleague to suicide compelled him to form 6ft From The Spotlight a non-profit organisation that provides mental health support and training to freelance crew members in the creative industries.

He has advised film and TV clients including the BFI and presented to the Joint Advisory Committee for Entertainment and is currently working with the Film and TV Charity on their Whole Picture Programme to improve industry mental health.

The Webinar

Matt will discuss:-

The Prevalence of Mental Health in The Workplace

Film and TV industry Issues and how they translate to other industries

The law and Mental Health/Stress

The Business Case to invest in Mental Health

The Four Pillars to improve mental health in the Workplace

  • Prevention
  • Intervention
  • Resilience
  • Measurement

Practical actions

Training Considerations

  • Mental Health First Aid – when is it appropriate
  • Managing Mental Health

To book your place contact


Unfortunately, we have taken the decision to cancel this years Annual Awards Dinner.  This was not an easy choice, however one that we felt we must take given the circumstances.  We will still be celebrating with our award finalists on the 24th September 2020, with a small awards ceremony, which will be invite only.

We are looking forward to next year and are excited to announce that our dinner will take place on the 6th May 2021 – and we cannot wait to celebrate with you in person!

if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lisa –



We had a chat with the chair of our Humber Environmental Managers Network Chair Tony Edwards:

Please tell us a little about yourself:
I am an environmental manager who has worked in Yorkshire and Humber since the mid-1970s. I started off in pollution control and in tome became a senior regional manager for the Environment Agency (EA) with also responsibilities for water resources and flood risk management. My final post in the Agency, before taking early retirement, was Humber Strategies Manager. I then worked part time for the Humber Industry Nature Conservation Association (INCA), which became the Humber Nature Partnership (HNP) in 2013. Although not now an employee of HNP, I am one of its directors and was its chair from 2014 to 2019.

Since leaving the Environment Agency I have also been a part-time lecturer in the Institute for Chemistry in Industry, University of Hull contributing to NEBOSH Environmental Certificate and Diploma courses, and giving the Environmental Sustainability module for the University’s BSc in Health Safety and the Environment.

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, have a BSc in Geography from King’s College University of London and a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia.

For those that have not heard of the Environmental Managers’ Network, please tell us about the network and its objectives:
The purpose is to consider the development and application of legislation, and related matters affecting companies in the Humber environs. The topics we cover include natural capital, environmental management systems, air and water pollution, waste management/waste minimisation, contaminated land, flood risks, biodiversity and climate change.

We meet 3 times a year for the discussion of presentations from the environmental regulators, invited speakers, including from consultancies, and members of the network. One meeting is in the form of a half-day conference.

Why did you decide to become the chair of this network?
I first got involved in the Network representing the former Humber INCA, which was one of the Network’s members. I then had my arm twisted to be its Chair! HNP supports CATCH in the running of the Network. I have long been involved in working with business to achieve practical outcomes, which benefit both the environment and companies, including their bottom line, for example on waste minimisation. It is my contention that good environmental practice is good business practice benefiting people, wildlife and business.

HNP is one of 47 local nature partnerships in England, with members principally interested in the Humber Estuary. Membership includes local authorities, EA and Natural England, industries and environmental NGOs. Our mission is, “Industry and nature in harmony in one of Europe’s great estuaries”. We are much concerned with the habitats regulation, river basin management, flooding and the practical enhancement of biodiversity on industrial sites. A number of the companies that attend HEMN are also members of HNP.

 What is the networks biggest achievement(s) so far?
Probably our annual conferences which each have four to six by leading speakers in their field providing information, future speculation and stimulating debate. Subjects recently include Climate Change, the UK’s 25 Year Environment Plan, Wildlife on Humber Industrial Sites, Environmental Impact Assessment and Air Quality Management. This year’s conference on Low Carbon Humber has had to be postponed.

What type of companies attend the network?
The Network brings together managers from some of the larger companies in the Humber region, particularly from the energy, chemicals and steel industries, along with some of their supply change and professional advisers including on environmental law, the Environment Agency, Humber Nature Partnership and some local authority officers.

 Why should companies get involved?
The practical implications for companies in the area of environmental developments are described and discussed. On some topics this can help companies in making their response to formal consultations. There are regular updates by the Environment Agency on the long term flood risk management strategy for the estuary, which includes the considerable threat to people and property from rising sea left and other climate change impacts. Attendees also exchange information on opportunities and difficulties they encounter, and make contacts for gaining mutual support

What are the most common challenges companies face at the moment and how does attending this network help?
The challenges include new or amendment of environmental legislation, climate change, flood risk and exploiting the opportunities for benefiting wildlife and the community. The Network considers such matters in a practical manner relevant to the Humber situation. Network members also get invites to HNP meetings and its annual conferences.

For further information on the network, please contact


We are delighted to announce that judging has commenced for the CATCH Awards, sponsored by E3 Recruitment. The Awards will be presented at the CATCH Annual Awards Dinner on the 24th September 2020.

Our final finalists to be announced are for Best Skills Project , this award celebrates those who are actively involved in changing the landscape, not only for themselves but for the industry too. This award celebrates skills at all levels, from involvement with schools, colleges, training providers and universities to continuous development and upskilling staff in the workplace.

Our first finalist is Syngenta, our judges commented: “I like the way that Syngenta have gone out in to the community and educational establishments using their current apprentices acting as ambassadors and advocates of their scheme. They are really engaging with a wide audience and very importantly, they have analysed demographics in their recruitment campaigns to identify and encourage applications from underrepresented groups. They have gone to great lengths to educate and promote apprenticeships which will go a long way to fill skills gaps within industry.”

Our next finalist is Solenis our judges commented: “Solenis, built in 4 days of process safety training per year for everyone on site and are using gold standard service providers in process safety delivery. I was impressed by how everyone gets involved and how process safety training is delivered to all levels in the organisation. 4 days training for every employee on site is a huge commitment to developing the skills and knowledge of the workforce.

Our final finalist is Jacobs Field Services, our judges said, “The approach by Jacobs deserves praise for actively encouraging all employees to complete CPD on conscious inclusion for more than 5000 staff, that’s a brilliant undertaking. Combined with the championing of modern apprenticeships and the desire for the safety officer to understand more about mental health in order to roll out awareness to employees just shows how serious Jacobs are taking awareness and upskilling”

Katie Hedges, Head of Membership Services said “The nominations for this award were very encouraging, all nominated companies are committed to the upskilling of their staff and the future of their business through apprenticeship and graduate programmes, again it was a really tough choice for our judges!   Good luck to our three finalists, and we look forward to presenting the award on the 24th September”.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and if you would like further information regarding the CATCH Annual Dinner, please contact Lisa Buck –



We are delighted to announce that judging has commenced for the CATCH Awards, sponsored by E3 Recruitment. The Awards will be presented at the CATCH Annual Awards Dinner on the 24th September 2020.

Our next finalists to be announced are for the anticipated Young Achiever Award, this award celebrates those who are the future of our industry.

Our first finalist is Tiffany Boal, Electrical Apprentice, Jacobs Field Services. Her site manager speaks extremely highly of her work and her ideas and continued out the box thinking to problem solving and helping fellow peers produce the most cost effective and efficient job for the client and her employer.  Tiffany’s main duties are to work along side experienced & highly qualified Electricians whilst studying her ‘on the job apprenticeship’ training. This is carried out on a Class 1 Nuclear Power Station, Sellafield Cumbria, on top tier projects of installation, maintenance, fault finding, commissioning & decommissioning on a multitude of Electrical systems throughout the site. The high level of work Tiffany has required to work to, helps her improve her ever evolving knowledge and skill base day by day and become a valued member of the team and an asset to the business and client. The judges commented, “Tiffany sounds a tenacious individual, an exceptional team player & out of the box thinker. She has a natural flare for the trade and goes above and beyond in her job”.

Our next finalist is Robbie Hutchinson, Science Manufacturing Technical Apprentice from Nufarm. He has been assisting the Plant Manager in drafting and formalising plant operating procedures which have included housekeeping and weekly safety checks. The Plant Manager fully endorses this nomination and would like to add that Robbie shows a level of emotional intelligence and maturity of someone a lot older in years. He also adds that Robbie never grumbles when asked to do a task and is always very willing to learn. The judges commented, “Robbie is a trailblazer completing NVQ levels 18mths early – pushed himself outside of his comfort zone, working to high standards and assisting other apprentices”.

Our final finalist is William (Billy) Suggit, Operations Technican at Px Limited. Billy Suggit has started his approach, commitment and contributions in his working life as he means to go on – as a leader with a positive, results focussed, can do approach. With a safety award for his positive safety attitude, his recognition as the first person to achieve 100% in level 3 processing mathematics and his support and encouragement to others considering apprenticeships as a career opportunity by supporting careers fairs and open days. PX were very pleased to recruit Billy straight from his apprenticeship into the role of Operations Technician at Saltend. The judges commented, “A leader with a positive approach, exceptional performance, completes work to a high standard. Nominated for a company safety award – a team player”.

Katie Hedges, Head of Membership Services said “This award is always a very difficult one to judge, reading about the up and coming talent in the industry is extremely encouraging, and to see that many spend their time mentoring and coaching the next generation, whilst making such a difference in their own organisation is exemplary.  Good luck to our three finalists, and we look forward to presenting the award on the 24th September”.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and if you would like further information in regard to the CATCH Annual Dinner, please contact Lisa Buck –




We are delighted to announce that judging has commenced for the CATCH Awards, sponsored by E3 Recruitment. The Awards will be presented at the CATCH Annual Awards Dinner on the 24th September 2020.

Our next finalists to be announced are for the prestigious Outstanding Leader Award, this award celebrates those who are making a real difference to the people within your business.

Our first finalist is Richard Cahill, of PX Limited. Richard, started PX as an apprentice, he won the CATCH apprentice of the year award and has actively championed apprenticeships throughout his career. He was recently promoted to the new Saltend Chemical park, and successfully led and trained the site team to implement PX safe systems of work, plus assisted the corporate SHE team to deliver the safe implementation of the Permit to work system all whilst familiarising himself with new hazards, process characteristics and parameters of the new site. The above has now resulted in another promotion to Shift Site Manager.

Next is Bob Padley, North Lindsey College. Bob was nominated, no less than 4 times. His team members describe bob as dedicated and someone who always takes the time to listen and to advise, not only to his team but also to the learners. The quality of the provision and all team members working together is very important to Bob. He praises each success and leads by example always. He is an advocate of empowering his team and his team all value his input and enjoy the atmosphere he creates. All this helps to contribute to his vision of becoming the best engineering training provider in the region.

Lastly, is Paul Frankland, Falck Fire Services. Paul has worked his way up from an apprentice though to holding senior leadership roles throughout industry. Paul door is always open and is always 100% honest. He gives you confidence, working with Paul you feel more capable, smarter and part of the team. He led the divestment of the Sembcorp Emergency response business in 2014, which saw 109 people transfer to Falck, his professionalism ensured the retention of local clients. His passion for people and business means that the company now employs over 400 people locally to the sites we support. Paul has steered the business though many ups and downs in the 20 year period and not having made any redundancies in that 20 year period is a testimony to his leadership. Paul often says “I judge people by deciding if I would want them in my life boat” – we all would be in that boat as long as he was steering it.

Katie Hedges, Head of Membership Services said “This year we have received record entries for this category – with many worthy winners. Our judges remarked how many leaders are displaying behaviours that are inclusive, positive and many are leading by example to ensure their business and people are successful. Good luck to our three finalists, and we look forward to presenting the award on the 24th September”.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and if you would like further information in regard to the CATCH Annual Dinner, please contact Lisa Buck –



We are delighted to announce that judging has commenced for the CATCH Awards, sponsored by E3 Recruitment. The Awards will be presented at the CATCH Annual Awards Dinner on the 24th September 2020.

The first finalists to be announced are for the coveted Best Partnership Award, this award celebrates industry and community collaborations.

Our first finalist, Jacobs Field Services has been the primary contractor on the Novartis site for well over 10 years. Their collective team, have formed solid relationship with the Novartis staff of all levels, which has enabled Jacobs to perform numerous complex projects, to a high standard and well within agreed budgets. The most recent being the difficult talk of working with Novartis employees in the decommissioning of the site until 2021.

Our next finalist Reynolds Training Services Ltd, under the stewardship of John and Karon have coordinated an investment of circa £170k to bring the latest process plant to the CATCH facility. The investment brings increased operation to the process plant, increasing the range of complexity in operation and also allowing for future expansions that will continue to grow this unique facility, to the benefit of all providers and users of the site. Plus Reynolds have collaborated with HETA to launch the new apprenticeship for the Bulk Liquid Storage Sector.

Our third and final finalist, WiME – Women into Manufacturing and Engineering, ) is a project designed to encourage businesses to recruit a diverse workforce and employ more women in manufacturing and engineering roles. The project is supported by Greenport Hull, the Humber four local authorities and The Department for Work and Pensions, as well as 55+ private sector businesses specialising in the manufacturing and engineering industry. Thousands of girls from primary, secondary, further and higher education have attended events, and even more have read the inspiring literature created by the partnership, watched the videos, and visited businesses on workplace visits as part of the movement.

Katie Hedges, Head of Membership Services said “We wish to extend our thanks to all those who submitted an entry to win the Best Partnership Award. As always it’s a difficult task for the judges to decide the short list and eventual winner – the judges remarked how encouraging it was to read the many entries showcasing the positive impact of working together – good luck to our three finalists, and we look forward to presenting the award on the 24th September”.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and if you would like further information in regard to the CATCH Annual Dinner, please contact Lisa Buck –



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