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Love was in the air this Valentine’s day – a love for decarbonisation in the Humber Region!

Over 100 people attended the CATCH Industrial decarbonisation Network both in person and online.  David Talbot, CATCH CEO welcomed delegates and provided a backdrop to the meeting. David spoke about how it is fantastic that there is a lot of excitement and opportunities, including the freeport, devolution on both banks of the river, and the Humber Energy Board leading activities across the region. Plus CATCH’s exciting plans to grow training provision over the next 5 years to build up the workforce necessary to deliver net zero ambitions.

David then introduced Corrine Barry who provided a RWE decarbonisation update. Corrine explained that RWE is the largest power producer in the UK – they supply around 15% of the UKs electricity, powering over 10 million homes. Corrine then detailed RWEs investment of £15b in clean energy infrastructure by 2030 to Decarbonise their own assets.  Key stakeholders are awaiting the results of Track 2, phase 2 to enable a new build gas plant with CCS development in Stallingborough and decarbonisation of the existing power plant at Staythorpe, as part of the Viking CCS cluster build out.

Centrica Storages, Chris McClane was up next, first, he introduced their current operations and ambitions to be a net zero business by 2045 with a focus on activities in East Yorkshire. Rough Storage is the UK’s largest gas storage site, representing 50% of the UKs gas storage capacity and Rough 47/8A is currently decommissioned but hydrogen ready. Plans to decarbonise the Easington gas terminal which could save 140,000 tonnes of CO2 per year including fuel switching from 2028.  Their vision for the Humber is an integrated energy hub, hydrogen production, storage and supply business supporting a kick start for the UK’s hydrogen economy.

After a short coffee Jennifer Powers, Meld Energy, provided insight on their Green Hydrogen Facility.  Their mission to develop a portfolio of green hydrogen production.  Meld Energy flagship development is a 100MW green hydrogen production facility at Saltend Chemicals park. This location has the advantages of the existing infrastructure and hydrogen demand from local businesses.

Katie Hedges then gave an update on the progress of the Humber cluster secondment team, working with the University of Lincoln, funded by the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre.

David and the presenters took a number of questions from the audience and David thanked all participants for their contributions.  The next meeting will be held on 24 April

Lisa Buck


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