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We sat down with our newest members for a quick chat, here they introduce themselves and tell us how they hope to add value with their membership:

Please tell us about the University of Leeds and projects

Research at the University of Leeds is helping to ensure our future will be powered purely by clean, safe, affordable and sustainable energy. Energy Leeds brings together over 200 researchers from across the University to meet this challenge at every level, from developing new technologies to supporting policy initiatives.

The University has a vibrant community of energy researchers and is equipped to tackle the energy challenge by drawing on scientific, technical, environmental, economic, political and societal and behavioural expertise. This gives us a distinctive capability to understand whole energy systems from an inter-disciplinary perspective.

We are working to advance research in key areas including bioenergy, nuclear, transport, energy demand and efficiency and low carbon transitions. We host a number of specialist facilities, and with a strong track record of working with industry, business and government we are at the forefront of society’s transition to a sustainable energy future.

Please tell us why you decided to Join CATCH

The University places real importance on achieving impact from our research and making a positive contribution to addressing major global challenges such as climate change. This is key to our new 10 year strategy and is fundamental to our energy research.

Decarbonising industry represents a major challenge and one that our researchers are well placed to contribute to. We are keen to engage with the CATCH members to share our expertise and learn from your experiences to ensure our research is well aligned with the needs of all stakeholders.

How can the wider membership support your activities

We are keen to develop new collaborations with CATCH members, whether that is through access to our students for research projects or graduate jobs, use of our cutting edge facilities or collaborations with our expert researchers.

Find out more here – http://www.energy.leeds.ac.uk/

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