2030 ambitions for Industrial Decarbonisation in the Humber Region visualised for the first time


Are you Interested in Industrial Decarbonisation in the Humber Region? The Humber Industrial Decarbonisation Map has you covered, with key projects, companies and statistics all combined in one simple online resource.

The Humber region is home to the UK’s largest opportunity for Industrial Decarbonisation, thus is a major influencer when it comes to meeting the UK’s overall NetZero targets. This map aims to give viewers an overarching vision of companies and projects that are making a difference across our region and beyond.   The map brings together for the first time, the breath of infrastructure, carbon sequestration capacity, hydrogen storage and production plus highlights the vast potential for skills, job creation and huge investment bolstering the local and UK economy.  This is the first iteration of the 2030 vision, which was created through a collaboration, between the Humber Industrial Cluster plan, its partners and Marketing Humber.

Katie Hedges, Director of Low Carbon Strategy and Membership at CATCH, explains “Our region is pioneering – we have outstanding local industry already working towards building a NetZero future. The Humber region is multi-dimensional and with this map, we aim to reveal the transformational projects and operations on one collaborative 2030 visual to promote our region on a national level.”

Diana Taylor, Managing Director of Marketing Humber said, “The Humber Industrial Decarbonisation Map is an exciting addition to the Marketing Humber sectoral maps, which are free for Bondholder member companies to use. Existing maps include UK’s Energy Estuary, UK’s Trading Gateway and Britain’s Kitchen, which have all been used to promote the region at major conferences and by many Bondholders to influence customers, shareholders and investors.

“We are committed to raising the profile of the Humber as it leads the UK’s green industrial revolution and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, and our support for the Humber Industrial Cluster plan and its partners is a great way to do that.”

The Map will evolve as the Humber Cluster Plan completes it’s roadmap to NetZero and will form part of the HICP legacy early 2023. Ideas can be sent to info@humberindustrialclusterplan.org

You can download a copy of the Map here – Download map

Lisa Buck


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