Interview with Paulo Oliveira – CATCH Technical Partner


This week we sat down with CATCH Technical partner Paulo Oliveira to discuss our partnership and the CT service.

Paulo, please tell us a little about yourself and ESC?
ESC Limited is a global technical safety, functional safety management consultancy and safety systems design provider. Its primary function is supporting clients in the technical safety aspects of the processes, systems and equipment deployed in the oil and gas, petrochemical, biohazard, utilities (including green technologies), military and manufacturing industries.
I’m one of Associate Directors for ESC Ltd , based in Humberside at CATCH. Chartered Engineer (CEng) with more than 10 years’ experience in asset management and safety applications focusing on IEC61508/61511 compliance, competence and certification. Member of BSI GEL 065/01 committee (British committee for the implementation of IEC61508 and IEC 61511) and of Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) System Safety Technical Professional Network (TPN).

Why did ESC become a CATCH Technical partner?
The opportunity to work closely with the region’s number one technical competency focused provider and deploy our capability to support the industry needs, in knowledge based technical solutions.

 What do you think CATCH Technical and ESC can achieve together?
Ultimately the partnership is about delivering solutions to problems with excellent client satisfaction. The synergy between CATCH TS and ESC provides an excellent opportunity to achieve this.

What are the benefits of having a full CATCH Technical Service delivery?
Having the ability to engage multiple skillsets with one focal point is definitely an advantage , especially for more complex projects, which allow a level of independence between each area of delivery.

Why should a Client use Catch Technical for their next project or business improvement?
Local, industry focused service with recognised diverse capability in delivering technical solutions.

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