Humber Environmental Managers’ Network Conference


8th June, 10am – 12 noon
In person and online places available

Celebrating our 10th year supporting Humber Business Week we are hosting the Humber Environmental Managers Conference that will provide an update on the Environment Bill, exploring how businesses can meet the biodiversity net gain aspects in the Bill and how projects in our region are developing nature-based solutions and responding to wider drivers for a more circular economy.

When enacted in 2023, the Environment Bill requires all development to deliver a minimum uplift of 10% in the amount of biodiversity as a result of the developer’s activity – called Biodiversity Net Gain.  This event will provide an opportunity to understand how,  through partnership, the region is working to ensure a vibrant and prosperous green investment economy that delivers for people and wildlife.  Delegates will hear about work being carried out in Greater Lincolnshire to create a fair, equitable and transparent market in natural environment asset trading.  If successful, this work will provide a template for a much wider approach.

A further objective of the conference is to assess how decarbonising of the Humber region can be effectively progressed through nature-based solutions and resource efficiency, and the benefits which can be obtained for the local community, economy and nature.

Our conference is an annual event of the Humber Environmental Managers’ Network, which is organised by CATCH and the Humber Nature Partnership (HNP).  CATCH is an industry-led partnership supporting the process, energy, engineering and renewable industries in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.  HNP is one of the 48 Local Nature Partnerships covering England, which were established following the 2011 Environment White Paper.

To register your place, please email stating if you would like to attend in person or via teams.

Lisa Buck


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