Catch moves forward with sme climate hub commitment


We are moving forward with our SME Climate Hub Commitment!

We committed to taking action, through changes in our own workplace, using the tools and support offered through the SMEClimateHub to achieve our plan – to half our carbon footprint by 2030 and to be net-zero by 2050!

In response to our commitment, Paul Snowden, Head of Operations, said “ I recently attended a training course – carbon for business, delivered by Tunley engineering. The course helped me to understand how to measure and benchmark our carbon footprint and then put a plan together to reduce it.  We have already put in a number of measures including, distributing new recycling bins across the site, renegotiating our waste contract to support with recycling and shared these measures with our on-site tenants. We have also made provision for Electric charging points in this year’s budget and we are working on proposals to install solar panels on our roof space across the site. Ultimately our plan is to half our carbon footprint by 2030 and to be net zero by 2050”.

To find out more, please contact Paul – you can make your own commitment here

Lisa Buck


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