Carbon Emissions Assessment Provides Data To Begin Net Zero Journey


CATCH is delighted to be making its first steps on the road to net zero after completing its first comprehensive carbon assessment through partner organisation Carbon Visibility.
The assessment covers emissions resulting from buildings, fleet vehicles, business travel, commuting, waste disposal and supply chain, in line with UK government reporting guidelines.
CATCH’s output for the 2020/21 financial year and carbon reduction plan sets a baseline from which to make improvements immediately and to start to look at longer term, more complex carbon reduction projects.

Head Of Operations Paul Snowden, who completed the assessment using Carbon Visibility’s digital platform, said calculating emissions was the first step on CATCH’s journey to net zero.
He said: “This was a very user-friendly but comprehensive process and the data we now have will be invaluable in helping us to identify areas of priority for our carbon reduction.
“We are working with Carbon Visibility to identify the most beneficial changes we can make and begin to take steps to implement them, and are already looking at a project to install solar panels on our roof space.
“We can even predict, for example, how much carbon we can save by increasing home working were practical and encouraging and incentivising staff to change their mode of commuting and choice of business travel, and make a cost-benefit assessment based on that data.”

Carbon Visibility was established in 2020 to provide a simple digital solution to the complexity of calculating carbon outputs for organisations of all sizes.
As well as offering this service through its digital assessment platform, it also provides consultancy services to enable businesses to identify impactful carbon reduction opportunities and marketing services which promote their good news stories.

CEO Neil Armstrong said: “We are very pleased that CATCH have really grasped the nettle with their carbon assessment and are serious about making a meaningful change that will have real benefits for the environment.
“Carbon Visibility are excited to be on this journey with CATCH and we look forward to seeing the effects of their carbon reduction measures take the organisation towards net zero over the coming years.”

To find out more about Carbon Visibility, visit, email or call 0333 772 9098.

Lisa Buck


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