Are risk based targets just numbers? Risk management practices in industry reviewed


Paulo Oliveira of CATCH Technical Partner ESC Ltd, delivered an insightful webinar to industry on the 10th June, entitled Safety in Numbers, is target risk really just a number? Paulo explained – we all make decisions on a daily basis based on our perception of risk. But how does this change when the decision is formalised and does it reflect reality? Paulo covered in his presentation, techniques to quantify and define boundaries but also how to understand them, make clear decisions to implement risk targets. Of great interest to the companies in attendance, were the major hazard case studies that outlined incidents in BP Texas, Buncefield Storage, Flixborough and Boeing 737max – all incident reports identified key causes not involving numerical analysis , but recommended good practices (E.g Human Factors, Management of change etc). Paulo concluded his talk of how to incorporate numbers into your safety standard including planning, verification, and testing.

Jill Mooney, Head of CATCH Technical said “We were really pleased to hear from Paulo, as he has a wealth of experience in this area, he gave us a really informative and good insight into target risk

CATCH Technical are offering companies access to a free (not exceeding) half hour telephone consultation on the use of IEC61508/61511 to manage risk

If you would like further information on Functional Safety Standards IEC61508/61511 or CATCH Technical please contact Jill – you can also view a recording of the webinar here.

Special thanks to Rachael Cowin for producing the Sketchnote

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