The Humber Region welcomes Maersk Training on opening their 4th Training Centre in the UK


Taking training to where it is needed is part of the business philosophy of Maersk Training who have a global footprint in instructing in the oil & gas, maritime and wind energy industries. Identifying the Humber region as an important hub in the renewable energy section, triggered the establishment of the company’s fourth centre in the United Kingdom. The centre, just outside Grimsby, is in conjunction with CATCH, who are a recognised connection to the industry in the area.

John Abate, the Managing Director of Maersk Training in the UK explained the connection. “CATCH is an industry led partnership with a purpose to develop competencies and support the local business community. Principles close to our own and we look forward to working closely in partnership with CATCH to support that vision.”

The newest centre opens on May 1st to fulfil the need of delivering the best competency-based training through one of the broadest course portfolios in the area. The current portfolio includes all GWO courses, including the newly launched GWO Blade Repair course, making Maersk Training the only provider in the world to offer the complete set of GWO courses.

David Talbot CEO at CATCH said ‘we are really pleased to be partnering with Maersk Training at our site here at CATCH.  The Maersk name is synonymous with quality in the offshore environment, and we welcome them to the Humber region at a time when the offshore wind sector deal has been announced that will secure the UK’s position at the forefront of the industry, and the Energy Estuary as a leading region within the UK.’

Maersk Training started in Denmark 40 years ago and has since established a reputation for raising standards across the three core industries it serves. Today it has three other centres in the UK, two in Denmark and others in Norway, Brazil, India, the Middle East and the United States as well as numerous satellite operations with the aim of having training on the doorstep.

Sometimes the need for training becomes even more localised. For a decade two specialised containers have individually toured the world. They each contain a simulator which opens the opportunity to assess candidate crane drivers, to instruct new ones and to re-evaluate and realign the abilities of current staff.

In the world of renewals Maersk Training in the UK offered world’s first Mobile Training Solution for the wind industry. It’s a three-container solution, currently set up at Walney it delivers GWO training for Ørsted. A second unit is currently under construction with the potential to deliver instruction at a new government backed college in Taiwan. Maersk Training in India have developed and deployed a single container unit.

Rob Howes, the Senior Learning and Development Specialist of Ørsted Offshore Wind Operations –

“It is great news that Maersk Training are moving into the Humber region and particularly into CATCH.  CATCH is a fantastic learning facility that benefits the Humber massively in terms of Skills and Training.  Ørsted are proud to work with Maersk Training as our main provider for Offshore safety training and it is great they will be practically on the door step of our New East Coast Hub Facility in Grimsby, where we hope to Employ up to 400 people over the next few years.  The East Coast Hub building will service 5 of our Offshore wind farms operating out of Grimsby and the fact we can access Offshore safety training locally has huge benefits.  We wish Maersk Training and CATCH the very best with this agreement and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jasmine Greenhalgh


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