Site upgrade progress – July


The Tank farm upgrade installation is now well underway. A planning meeting was held on site on the 11th June hosted by Reynolds attended by, Honeywell, Swinton, Townsend, AGL Engineering, SHP and CATCH.

With a key focus on the components being installed and how we optimise the installation aspect to ensure a trouble free commissioning process, and meeting a commissioning deadline date of 15th August 2020.

This is truly a world class facility and will be unique not only in this area but within the UK. It gives us the ability to be able to operate up to three different control rooms at the same time. This could be three different areas of a large plant or even different sites. It is using new state of the art equipment and interfacing to existing control systems to again replicate the real world. The new upgrade will be able to replicate loading and unloading of Road, Ship, Tank to Tank, Rail and external pipelines in either batch mode, continuous mode metered or unmetered and with the added functionality to be able to insert additives into the line. It can be used for instrumentation training and maintenance routines. As well as a host of other courses. The courses available to run and the potential possibilities of this facility are virtually limitless.

The facility is largely being funded by Reynolds training with support from LEP skills funding.

Further project work being funded by the LEP

  • The barrier system is now in place and working. The system operates by recognising Number plates ANPR. Only authorised plates are allowed on site all others will have to stop be identified before gaining entry.
  • The new site signage is now also in place
  • The Air conditioning to the training centre and the conference centre
  • The extension to the dining room.
  • The increased and upgrade to the CCTV around the site



Lisa Buck


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