Laser Alignment



Product Description

Aims & Objective

The aim of this training course is to provide an introduction into shaft alignment techniques, with a link into
the comprehensive instruction and operation of the laser shaft alignment system.


• How to set up the laser alignment system
• Operational requirements of the system and any special case set-ups
• How to interpret the results screens
• Use and instruction of all default features
• Identify the correct machine set-up/procedure to follow
• Correctly set the laser/receiver for maximum accuracy of measurement
• How the system measures the misalignment of the machines
• How to overcome mechanical defects in the machines
• How to achieve alignment of the machines within specific tolerances
• How to check for soft foot
• How to achieve alignment of the machines with special offsets
All delegates will be able to align a test rig (or selected machine) to within specified
tolerances and conditions and be able to save/print the results for future reference


One day course:
CATCH Skills certification will be awarded upon full completion of the course.

If you would like to make a block booking for a bespoke training course please contact us on 01469 552852 or email for more details

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