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Aims & Objectives

This course is designed for workers who operate within Medium Risk Confined Spaces across a wide variety of industries. A Medium Risk Confined Space exists where there are access issues; a realistic expectation of encountering a specific risk and possible introduction of specified risks during the work activity. Vertical direct unobstructed access with continuous attachment to a man riding hoist or similar mechanical rescue device. The aim of this unit is to assess learners against the national standard in a realistic medium risk environment; preparing to working safely; entering and exiting confined spaces safely; preparing and using appropriate respiratory
protective equipment (RPE); using equipment and tools safely; following procedures and dealing with emergencies.


• Prepare to work safely in Medium Risk Confined Spaces.
• Enter and exit confined spaces safely.
• Prepare and use appropriate respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for escape purposes in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.
• Use equipment and tools safely and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.
• Follow procedures and work safely.
• Deal with emergencies.
• Use appropriate behaviour for working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces.
• Use appropriate knowledge for working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces.
• Apply relevant industry standards for working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces.


• Definitions of confined space entry
• National Classifications of medium risk confined spaces (NC2/3)
• Potential hazards & statistics
• Gas Monitors
• Risk Assessments, Permit to Work & Point of Work
• Duties of a Top Man/Entrant
• Use appropriate behaviour and knowledge
• Apply relevant industry standards
• Tripod & Fall Arrest Winch
• Communications
• Ventilation
• Diseases & First Aid
• Duties of a Top Man/Entrant
• Medical Requirements for entry into confined spaces
• Decontamination
• Safety Harnesses
• Self Rescue Escape BA set


The assessment includes both practical elements which involves the use of our internal confined space unit. This is a two day course.

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