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Aims & Objectives

This course is designed for workers who operate as part of a team within a high risk confined space. A high risk
confined space exists where there is a non-standard entry involving complex operations which introduce additional
risks and require specific control and rescue arrangements. A presence of any specified risk that cannot be controlled or removed. Requires the wearing of full duration breathing apparatus, or a complex entry, making rescue difficult. The aim of this unit is to assess learners against the skills and knowledge required by a worker operating in a high risk confined space environment.


The assessment covers the following topics:
• Definitions of confined space entry
• National Classifications of confined spaces
• Potential hazards & statistics
• Gas Monitors
• Risk Assessments, Permit to Work & Point of Work
• Medical Requirements for entry into confined spaces
• Communications
• Ventilation
• Diseases & First Aid
• Decontamination
• Lone Working
• Safety Harnesses
• Tripod & Fall Arrest Winch
• Breathing Apparatus


The assessment includes both theory & practical elements which involves the use of our internal confined space unit.
This is a three day course.

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