New Energy White Paper: powering our net zero future


Minister Kwarteng announces latest energy publication.

Following a very busy Autumn period that included several key announcements and another successful Industrial Energy Stakeholder Forum, I am pleased to be able to announce today the publication of our Energy White Paper.

This white paper supports the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, setting out a detailed vision for the UK’s energy system that will enable homes and businesses to migrate away from our dependency on fossil fuels and move towards clean energy solutions. This publication contains a number of commitments, including investing £1 billion up to 2025 to facilitate the deployment of CCUS in two industrial clusters by the mid-2020s, with a further two by 2030; providing a £240 million Net Zero Hydrogen Fund for low carbon hydrogen production; and increasing the ambition of our Industrial Clusters Mission, aiming to deliver four low carbon clusters by 2030 and at least one net zero cluster by 2040.

The overarching message contained in this white paper is further commitment towards a decarbonised future, reaffirming how clean energy will deliver jobs and economic growth for the whole country.

I look forward to working with you next year to deliver on this important ambition.
Minister Kwasi Kwarteng

View the Energy White Paper: Powering our net zero future

Katie Hedges


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