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Hull City Council in partnership with and on behalf of the Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and CATCH are seeking consultancy and specialist capability support for the delivery of part of our Phase 2 Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) decarbonisation of industrial clusters: Cluster Plans project.

The Phase 2 project builds on feasibility work undertaken in Phase 1 that included a baseline emissions assessment, technology options appraisal and methodology assessment, resulting in a final report outlining the findings and proposed criteria for delivering the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan (HICP) in Phase 2.

The plan will provide a blueprint for clean growth to drive a green recovery in the Humber. A phased approach will prioritise near-term deliverable investments that will see quick results, significantly reducing the Humber’s emissions by 2030, mapping out how CCS and hydrogen infrastructure can be scaled up over time, and identifying the full range of interventions required to achieve net zero by 2040.

HICP will also outline the potential for the Humber’s industrial decarbonisation to support decarbonisation beyond the industrial cluster, including maritime in the UK’s largest ports complex, road/rail transport and decarbonisation of the gas supply (25% of the UK’s supply passes through the Humber). Linked opportunities and implications for renewable energy, especially BECCS and offshore wind (both of which the Humber leads on and are integral to decarbonising industry), will also be identified.

Supporting UK leadership of decarbonisation technologies and the creation of local jobs and supply chains are crosscutting themes where HICP will identify future actions the Humber can take to accelerate the green recovery, including identifying opportunities for inward investing businesses and those looking to diversify to take advantage of low carbon infrastructure.

HICP and the evidence base that will be assembled through its development will provide a clear way forward for industry, Government and local leaders to work together to achieve rapid decarbonisation of the UK’s largest cluster, whilst maximising opportunities for local people and businesses to benefit from the transition.

The strategic importance of the Humber means that there is significant national and international interest in the progress and development of this Plan.

Works required are split into 8 Lots as follows:

Lot 1 – Model and Scenario Outputs – being commissioned by CATCH;

Lot 2 – MPR Fuel Switching / CCS / GGR – being commissioned by CATCH;

Lot 3 – MPR Emissions Offsets / Imports – being commissioned by LEP;

Lot 4 – Societal Challenge and Innovation Study – being commissioned by LEP;

Lot 5 – Preparation of Cluster Plan – being commissioned by LEP;

Lot 6 – Inward Investment – being commissioned by LEP;

Lot 7 – Supply Chain Audit – being commissioned by CATCH; and

Lot 8 – Skills and Age Profile Audit – being commissioned by CATCH


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