CCNSG Leading A Team Safely



Product Description

Aims & Objectives

CCNSG Leading a Team Safely is a one day workshop designed to provide an essential introduction to managing small teams within the context of Health and Safety in the Engineering Construction Industry.


The workshop covers a number of key topics including:
• How to communicate successfully
• How to lead a team successfully
• How to achieve safe outcomes
• Self-management
• How to work safely with others
It explores these topics in an interactive way and delegates’ participation
throughout the day is a key factor.
The course is based around the concept of ‘The Good Job’ and is structured into
four elements:
• The Team
• The Plan
• The Job
• Good Job


One Day.

If you would like to make a block booking for a bespoke training course please contact us on 01469 552852 or email for more details

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