Health & Behavioural Safety Works – 20 June @CATCH


This conference will explore how we embed the value of Behavioural Safety, understanding Occupational Psychology and getting buy in from critical mass.

Attending this Full day Behavioural Safety Conference will enable you to:
▪ Discuss the future of Behavioural Safety and why it fails
▪ How to drive Behavioural to the next natural level and get the buy in
▪ Set the tone for facility inductions – getting it right, first time

Learn why skilled and highly skilled people in the industry still have accidents.
▪ Understand what conscious overload means. (7+/-2)
▪ Appreciate Immediate Corrective Action and Short Term Memory
▪ Intervention and a modern safety culture
▪ How to implement the improvement suggestions that count
▪ See how inattentional blindness affects us all

Bottom up or top down – the eternal question…
What’s expected from the Leader?
▪ Who pushes, who sells?
▪ If it’s good enough for the boss, it’ll be good enough for me

Raising the Safety profile of the Leader.
▪ How a process of conversations set a tone and create a culture

Behaviour-Based-Safety is designed and managed by employees resulting in a truly employee-driven process. In addition, behaviour-based safety is a more positive process that places greater emphasis on employee involvement in the use of the observation data, to developing action plans for continuous improvement. As a result, behaviour-based safety creates a much higher and more consistent level of feedback supporting safer workplace practices.

Full Programme
09:00 Catch Housekeeping followed by welcome introductions from Mick Tutty, HSE, Manager
Humber Refinery
09:20 Passions for Safety in 2019, Brad Francis, Phillips 66
10:30 Break
10:45 How an observation process works from a Leadership view with Jeff Smith, Phillips 66
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Aligning the transient labour to your minimum standards from Trevor Crofts, Turnaround Manager, Phillips 66
14:00 Keep off the grass, Brad Francis
14:15 Inattentional Blindness, Brad Francis
14:45 Break
15:00 Motivation for Safety (Ignite) – Brad Francis
15:15 Safety Leadership. (Flip chart session) – Brad Francis
16:00 5 – A – Day – Brad Francis
16:20 Wrapping up and closing comments and questions

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