30 new highly skilled personnel trained in preparation for Vivergo Fuels Plant re-start in 2022


In August, CATCH Skills delivered a full week of training using a combination of ready to deliver courses and bespoke scenario based training at the National Centre for Process Manufacturing – the UK’s Leading Fully-Operational Tank Farm and Process Plant Training Facility. (NCPM)

The Vivergo Fuels plant will begin to manufacture E10 petrol from January 2022 and therefore requires a new highly competent workforce. By using CATCH skills to train their new recruits, learners benefitted from a combined learning experience – a practical hands-one experience, risk free at the NCPM plus onsite learning at their premises in Saltend Chemicals Park.

Mark, supervisor, Vivergo Fuels said “CATCH has fantastic training facilities, with a realistic feel of a working plant”. Steve, supervisor, Vivergo Fuels contributed “Superb tailor-made training, all within one site. A must for training, for both experienced and new operators”.

Holly Goodwin, Account Manager, CATCH skills added “The whole week was a huge success all round! It was fantastic to see Vivergo’s newest employees gain vital, hands-on experience using our National Centre of Process Manufacturing (NCPM). This leaves them in a great position when they restart their plant in January 2022.  For most delegates, this was their first time working with their new team, this created a brilliant team building and networking opportunity.

The feedback we received from Vivergo was that it was a brilliant week.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time at CATCH, especially the scenarios created using the NCPM.  It was great that we could replicate Vivergo’s procedures and use their documentation to give their new employees a realistic overview of their operations.  We are currently in discussions with Vivergo to plan for them to return to CATCH in the near future to support them further using the NCPM.”

To find out how CATCH skills can upskill your workforce, contact Daisy Seddon – daisy.seddon@catchuk.org or call 01469 552828.  You can also visit our website – www.catchuk.org

The NCPM is delivered in partnership with Reynolds Training Services. You can find out more by visiting our dedicated website www.ncpm.uk.

Josh Wheeler


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