Loss of Containment (Spill Awareness)



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Aims & Objectives

Aimed at new starters and existing workers to comply with HSE Safety Regulations, this course also
makes a great refresher for process plant operators. Loss of containment of hazardous materials is
frequently the most common cause of process incidents. Good prevention of these incidents
includes mechanical integrity programs, however not all incidents occur for mechanical integrity faults. There are a number of other causes including human error, incomplete process design, etc. When loss of containment is unpreventable, delegates must be aware of emergency procedures. The
process plant at CATCH allows delegates to emulate emergency situations without the hazardous industrial risks.


• Legislation in relation to spill control
• Environmental impact of spills
• Bespoke emergency response procedure for sites (if required)
• Practical containment training using spill kits
• Hazardous waste clean up
• Theory assessment.


One day course.
CATCH Skills certification will be awarded upon full completion of the course

If you would like to make a block booking for a bespoke training course please contact us on 01469 552852 or email info@catchuk.org for more details

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