Pipe Welder

Level: 3

Duration: 4 years

To be delivered in September 2023.

Location: CATCH Stallingborough

Pipe Welder – Level 3- 48 months

  • 10 months at CATCH full time, 38 months in company
  • 3 days a week practical workshop
  • NVQ included

Course Content

Knowledge and Skills:

  • The mechanical properties (strength, ductility, toughness, etc.), physical properties (dimensions, weight, corrosion susceptibility, contamination) of commonly welded materials.
  • Pipe and tube weld joint types
  • The welding positions and progression directions associated with welding pipe
  • Welding controls to establish and maintain the key primary parameters associated with the welding process
  • The major components of welding equipment, ancillary equipment, cabling and their assembly, including Power Source, Wire Feed System, TIG & PAW Arc Initiation Systems, interconnecting communications cables, torches, tongs, gas equipment etc.
  • Welding Procedure Specification requirements, content and information derived to establish specific production information
  • Welder Approval Certificates content and definitions to determine scope of coverage
  • Identification and the causes of typical welding defects and how their occurrence can be reduced.
  • Different types and functions of welding consumables and the requirement for correct identification, storage, conditioning, handling and recycling or disposal.
  • Welding quality documentation, organisational reporting systems, procedures and their role within the overall quality process
  • Work safely at all times, comply with health & safety and environmental legislation, regulations and organisational requirements
  • Obtain, check and use appropriate documentation (such as job instructions, drawings, quality control documentation)
  • Obtain, position and assemble welding equipment and associated safety protection needed for each activity
  • Prepare, check and protect materials and work areas ready for welding
  • Produce pipe welds in 3 main joint configurations from Single Sided Butt, Socket, Flange and Set-on Branch.
  • Produce pipe welds in by continually adjusting the orientation of the welder, welding torch, and welding consumable filler, including restricted access conditions
  • Produce pipe welds in restricted access conditions by welding with both left and right hand


  • Takes responsibility for decision-making, without autonomy and within the guidelines of the work instruction, for their workplace, the application of welding processes, and for their productivity
  • Enquires and seeks guidance, to understand the processes and associated industrial applications.
  • Committed to maintaining competence through Continuing Professional Development planning, preparation, and reflection to ensure safety, quality and production and ensuring Continuing Professional Development goals are achieved.
  • Intervene and challenge poor practice and have confidence to channel feedback to the appropriate authorities to implement change.
  • Consistently and reliably deliver expectations in safety, production, quality, ethics, and self-development
  • Encourages and supports the development of others and completes point of work risk assessments.

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