Industrial Decarbonisation

The Largest CO2 Emitting Cluster in the UK

The Humber Industrial Cluster Plan will provide confidence to the UK government’s ambitions, encompassing how industrial emissions will change over time and provide the region’s projects and industry with a well-defined, optimal route to achieving true net-zero in 2040. The Humber region emits more CO2 than any other UK industrial cluster – 50% more than the next largest – thus providing us with the largest opportunity. We will harness the collaborative power of regional industry to showcase the way forward to a low carbon future.

The Humber Industrial Cluster plan was set up in January 2021 following the 2-phase decarbonisation of industrial clusters roadmaps competition in 2019 by UKRI. The project team includes Membership organisation CATCH, the HEY LEP plus 8 industry partners. Partners will work together to develop the Humber Industrial Cluster Plan that will set out the strategic roadmap for the Humber Cluster to follow in order to achieve net zero by 2040.

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