Alistair joined the CATCH team in September 2021.  He is highly experienced in project development in professional education and training both in the UK and globally.  His work has included key positions and consulting roles with the Educational Development Trust (EDT), City & Guilds, the SQA, Pearson, and the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).  He has also undertaken recent teaching work at Heriot-Watt University, including online.

A key focus for Alistair has often been that of industry linked people development, with particular experience related to the Energy, Power and Rail sectors.  As well as being based in the UK, he has been professionally resident in France, the Arabian Gulf, North Africa and South East Asia, with further professional visits to Latin America and Central Asia.  He has undertaken consultancy work on the UK Govt.’s Skills for Life Programme, the Vietnamese Govt.’s Civil Service Language Programme, for a Libyan Govt. Vocational Accreditation Centre design and for an Omani Govt. Vocational Training Colleges review, the last as Project Leader.

Alistair has often been active in Engineering contexts and most recently worked on grants research for Skyrora, a UK company in the race to be the first UK launcher of commercial space rocket transportation, responding to the queueing demand of the small satellites’ community – something crucially needed for a range of research and operational purposes, not least relating to tracking climate change developments.

He holds UK state teacher status from the University of Leicester, along with a Master’s Management qualification and further postgraduate education in Geographical Information Science (GIS), both with the University of Edinburgh.


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