Technical Operator Training



Course Overview:

The aim of the training is to develop practical maintenance skills to enable Technical Operators to carry out high frequency, low risk tasks. Tasks include cleaning, inspection, lubrication, tensioning and alignment of drives and basic fault finding.

Is it right for me?
This course was developed to enable machine operators with little or no technical background to carry out basic asset care.

What will I learn?

The course will cover mechanical theory and a series of practical assessments. The training will focus on:
• Isolation procedures
• Small hand tools (fasteners and fixings)
• Measuring tools
• Production of sheet steel component using hacksaw and file
• Use of drilling machine to produce holes
• Tapping threads
• Lubrication
• Levers and linkages
• Springs and Cams
• Belt drives (Vee belt and synchronous belts)
• Chain drives and Conveyors
• Basic fault finding
• Sensors and seals

In addition to the 5 day mechanical skills training, we can also offer operator level training in pneumatics and valves. We have some rigs, but we will need to discuss how to relate the theory to work on your site. Typical content would include:
• Basic theory of pneumatics
• Basic pneumatic components
• The effect of changing the flow rate and pressure on circuits
• Pressure and flow regulators
• Compressibility of fluids
• Similarities and differences between pneumatics and hydraulics
• Basic fault finding
• Different types of valves and methods of operation
• Valve components
• Valve identification and practical inspection
• Inspection and changing of seals on a like for like basis

What are the benefits?
• Improved teamwork between production and maintenance
• Higher production efficiencies/plant reliability
• More motivated and higher skills operators
• Standard working introduced
• Safer working Environment


5 day course. City and Guilds Accredited Certificate.


If you would like to make a block booking for a bespoke training course please contact us on 01469 552832 or email for more details


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