Maintenance Planning and Scheduling



Course Overview:

Please be aware this course can take place virtually through Microsoft Teams.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is designed to provide an understanding of the principles associated with work management including:
• Preventive maintenance
• Predictive maintenance
• Corrective work and repairs
• Maintenance projects and refurbishments

It will provide you with the basis for implementing effective and efficient practices and making best use of resources. Effective maintenance planning and scheduling are the foundations of an effective maintenance management process. An organisation can invest in the best technology, resources, software and condition monitoring. It can implement TPM autonomous work teams, value driven maintenance and still be an ineffective and inefficient organisation if it’s maintenance planning and scheduling processes are not effective. We have carried out more than 4500 maintenance assessments since the late 1980s where the scoring represents the importance of maintenance planning as the highest weighted category.

Is it right for me?
MCP’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training course is designed for anyone assigned the responsibility for planning work within a maintenance environment, this will include: Maintenance Managers, Planners, Work Managers, Project Managers, Maintenance and Production Supervisors and Team Leaders. People who are new to maintenance should first attend the three day “Asset Management Tools and techniques workshop”

What will I learn?

This workshop provides the basis for implementing effective and efficient work planning. During the workshop delegates will be able to develop a process map for their site’s work management process. On completion of the course delegates will be capable of revising their current practices and understand:
• The importance of work planning within an asset care strategy
• Effective work management
• Analysis of workload performance
• Planning and Scheduling as a process
• Work identification and prioritisation
• Backlog management
• Assignment and execution
• Work history recording, measurement and reporting
What are the benefits?
Delegates will be capable of reviewing and revising their in house approach to work management. Each delegate will develop a process map for their sites work management process. Outline action plans will be encouraged. Delegates will also learn how to identify opportunities for improvement.


2 Day course. City & Guilds Accreditation Certificate.


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