Behaviour Based Safety



Aims & Objectives

This course is designed to provide attendees with an
understanding of how a behavioural based safety process works and
the effective elements of carrying out meaningful observations and
collecting workable data.
Class based with a practical onsite coached observation exercise followed by
feedback session to close the day.
• To understand how behaviour works and how a BBS process can assist in reducing
exposure to injury.
• What influences behaviour.
• Roles and responsibilities of supporting teams.
• Understand elements of behavioural psychology.
• Improves safety culture and raise risk awareness.


• Practical interaction skills for approaching people and deliver constructive feedback on observations.
• Practical exercises to demonstrate the impact of both negative and positive feedback.
• Demonstration on how we miss most of what’s in front of our eyes.


One full day course.
PPE required for field observation practical exercise.


Coming Soon

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