National Apprenticeship Week – Meet our apprentice Molly Hewson


We sat down with our valued apprentice Molly and asked her a few questions in honor of National Apprenticeship week.

Over to Molly –

Why did you decide to become an apprentice?
“I decided to become an apprentice because it gave me the opportunity to learn new skills at the same time as as working in a business environment. Becoming an apprentice was a brilliant decision as I also earn a qualification, as well as being able to the do the job I have always wanted”.

What advice would you give to young people who are considering an apprenticeship?
“My advice to another apprentice would be to go for it! Work hard, but also make the most of it. I would also assure them that it isn’t 100% easy but the hard work pays off and you are guaranteed all the help you can get. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and never hesitate to share your ideas”.

Is your apprenticeship what you expected?
“No -I didn’t think my apprenticeship would be what it is now, I was scared and nervous about not being able to do the course and my assignments, or them not being on time, but I realised I had nothing at all to worry about! It is really enjoyable and I have met some amazing colleagues that I can now call friends”.

“Overall, if anyone is thinking of becoming an apprentice but they have doubts it is completely normal, mistakes will be made during your time as an apprentice but this is all a part of learning. I have learnt so much in a small period of time and appreciate all the help and support I have”.

Thank you Molly!

Lisa Buck


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